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Quick Look: Staying At An Airbnb In El Salvador


During my time away in Central America (I feel like I am always there), we had a short 6 hours in El Salvador. As I wrote about in another post, the town of San Salvador vitally impressed me, and so did the small and quaint Airbnb we stayed in. This isn't necessarily a full review but more of a quick recommendation for those looking for a place to stay in San Salvador.

Let's get into it!

The Entrance

Safety is most people's number one priority when it comes to a place to sleep. In regards to this Airbnb, there were two doors, both with codes.

Airbnb San Salvador

The hosts let us know in advance what the codes were, and there were no issues with being let in. All in all, I felt very safe heading to sleep. Then again, if I felt safe walking the town at 3 am, I don't think that's much of a problem.

The Room

On the one hand, Salvador is developed and lovely. However, the prices are also a lot higher than in any other Central American country, minus Mexico. For this small bedroom, we paid about 65$ for the one-night stay.

Airbnb Bed Salvador

Either the bed was the most comfortable in the world, or we were the most tired people in the world😂. We both slept well for a solid 4 hours in the room before heading off on American Airlines to Dallas.

A small bathroom accompanied the bedroom, consisting of a sink, shower, and toilet. All basic necessities but useful.

Airbnb Salvador

To add on to the bathroom aspect, everything we needed was in the room as well; from charging ports to sealed bottles of water, nicely folded towels, and good bed sheets, it made for a very lovely stay.

Soon enough, it was to leave and head to the airport!

A look at the lock situation

Final Thoughts

The Airbnb situation is pleasantly surprising in San Salvador. Even if it was slightly more expensive than other destinations in Central America, all of the aspects were up to par with what you'd expect. Safety is always important, and I felt very safe. Combining that with a comfortable bed and a good space, we were able to get about 4 hours of solid sleep!

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