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  • Konrad Tillman

Review: Marhaba Lounge Manila

After departing the Diamond Hotel in Manila which I recently reviewed, I made my way to the airport to fly onboard Thai Airways from Manila-Bangkok. Upon arrival, I checked into the business class section for Thai Airways which had no wait then proceeded to passport control and security.

Marhaba Lounge Location

The Marhaba lounge is located inside terminal 3 at MNL airport on level 4 near gate 115. It's hard to miss as all of the lounges are right next to each other once you take the elevator up. I had access due to my business class boarding pass on Thai Airways but I believe I saw priority pass signs.

Once you find it well, how do I put this nicely? You might go looking for another lounge.

The Lounge

Thankfully when I presented my boarding pass I was instructed to go to the right-hand side which was less crowded. I was also given the wifi password although it was quite slow. Not quite sure what the difference is between the right and left side of the lounge since I wasn't told.

I set up near the entrance since that was the only not solo seat which meant I could kick my feet up and rest.

Even though I was sick as a dog I tried to get a few shots of what the lounge was like. It took me about 10 seconds as it was super small!

They could work on the decoration!

This is a picture of the whole lounge... Yes, the whole lounge!!!

To the left was a little food station and a couple of drinks were offered. 5 choices of alcoholic spirits along with Coke, diet coke, sprite, etc...

And then there were two small stations for food.

I would have gotten around to taking more pictures if I wasn't sick as a dog throughout my time here. Must have thrown up in the toilet a couple of times, that's why there are no reviews of the lavatories but trust me you're not missing anything.

Final Thoughts

I was originally told that I only had access to the Marhaba lounge (which turned out to be not true since I walked over to SQ later) and if this was the case I almost would have preferred to walk around the terminal. It has the absolute bare minimum to call itself a lounge and would highly recommend not coming here early just to stay in the lounge.



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