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  • Konrad Tillman

Why I Want To Go To North Korea And Why I'm Not Scared In The Slightest

I'm on a mission in life. The mission is to visit every country in the world no matter the circumstances. Whether it's dangerous, I have to go by foot into a country, it doesn't matter, I want to go!

I recently learned about a term called "Mitakpa" which translates to impermanence. This directly means that the only thing certain is change in life (well and death). I'm not scared at all to go to North Korea, it seems like a peaceful place as long as you abide by their rules just like any other country. People always overreact but it has laws just like any other country. For example, if I go to the UAE and consume drugs I will also be punished.

It looks gorgeous

From the pictures I have seen on the internet, it looks like a pretty place to go to. More than that the culture looks deeply rooted. I'm not looking for an argument, leave politics out of this. It reminds me of many different places all combined but it shows me a country that is naturally very pretty.

What My Plan Is

Even though it would be an honor to go to North Korea I don't know if I could go for more than a day. I would love to but it's weird for me to be out of my comfort zone for too long. I am a creature of habit and that is something I am working on!

Anyway, I was looking at just doing the day trip from China across the border. Sadly, I won't be able to visit Pyongyang but hopefully next time! The tour I am looking at costs 400$ for the day which seems quite reasonable!


I hope I am able to make this once-in-a-lifetime trip come to fruition this year!!



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