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  • Konrad Tillman

Review: Colinda Cabanas Caye Caulker


This might be the coolest and most unique hotel review I have ever done... During my time in Caye Caulker, I decided to stay in a hotel called "Colinda Cabanas." Online, I saw that each unit was situated pretty much on the beach in a little "beach cabana."

What can I say? This hotel might have been the best I have ever stayed at in terms of the accommodation, the service, and the location. Wow!

Let's get into it!

How I Booked

Luckily, I was able to secure the last room available at Colinda Cabanas for 108$ for a one-night stay. Upon speaking with the Canadian owners, I found out that the hotel operates at 97% full capacity throughout the year. That is quite remarkable so book early!

Colinda Cabana

I feel like this is a terrific deal for living on the beach in Belize. Similar hotels and Airbnbs were going for either the same or more at the time, so this is more than reasonable.


The property itself is located towards the south of the island, at least compared to the bars/clubs that is.

Colinda Cabanas Location

There is no need to call an Uber from the airport as it's about a 10-minute walk😅. Golf cart taxis are available upon request or at the airport sometimes (don't count on it).

The best part, it's right on the beach!

Colinda Cabana Location

The Grounds

This resort/hotel is like none other. The whole place is just white sand everywhere! Is this heaven?

Check in Area

To my knowledge, there seem to be about 12 cabanas that are able to be rented out at any given time. The blue and yellow color scheme is picturesque, to say the least!

Colinda Cabanas

I had an amazing check-in lady who allowed me to check in 3 hours early before calling ahead to confirm my swimming with sharks tour! Talk about some great service! If you stay here, you will be in good hands, I promise!

Colinda Cabanas Taxi

There is a private beach with hammocks for lounging around and enjoying a cocktail if you want.

A Belize beach

The Rooms

I was assigned cabana number 6, but I was spontaneously upgraded to a top-floor cabin! The rooms are absolutely gorgeous and even if I did pass out intoxicated, I slept like a baby in heaven😅.

Colinda Cabanas Rooms

The rooms have a very simple design yet are very cozy. On the right lays a place to store your luggage. Next to that is a closet, but I was on island time. This meant clothes needed to be sprawled across the floor everywhere😅.

Colinda Cabanas Rooms

A small kitchenette was featured near the entrance. I couldn't imagine cooking when there is so much good food around, but if this is your thing, Colinda Cabanas has you covered.

Colinda Cabanas Kitchen

Of course, there was a standard bathroom featuring a toilet, shower, and sink. Let's say that shower came in clutch the morning of departure😅.

A very quaint little bathroom. I love it!


The morning after a wild night, I headed down to the cafe where they serve breakfast from 8:30 am to 12:30 pm. I met the owner, who is Canadian, and her daughter, who works at Colinda Cabanas. They are both amazing people who are a pleasure to talk to. Anyways, I ordered a bacon grilled cheese, two coffee and a more than a couple of beers (I know but it's 5pm somewhere).

Colinda Cabanas Food

The beers came out to 3 USD each, the grilled cheese was about 7$, and the coffee, which is imported, came out to 4 USD. A tad over the norm for Belize, but certainly worth it!

This brings me to my next point... service.

The service here is to the utmost perfection. Belize is already very laid back, but the people who work here genuinely seem to care about making their guests happy in any way they can. From arranging tours to early check-in to just having a conversation, it's a pleasure being a guest.

Final Thoughts

If you are thinking about where to stay in Caye Caulker and see availability for Colinda Cabanas, don't think; book it now! I don't get a commission or anything, but I wanted to share a place that made me feel truly happy and welcome. Maybe I am biased because I am Canadian 😉, but I think you will enjoy your time here. I certainly can't wait for my return this year!



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