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  • Konrad Tillman

Review: Casa De Piedra Hotel Boutique La Paz Bolivia


After an interesting flight onboard Avianca from Cusco, and, of course, visiting the amazing Machu Picchu, I had one night in La Paz, Bolivia! When it came to hotels in La Paz, I had no idea what to expect. Well, I didn't know what to expect with anything in the country!

Much like my view of this country as a whole, this hotel blew me out of the water! As I went to sleep in this eery-looking hotel room (so cool), I thought to myself how grateful I was that I was here right now.

Let's get into the full review!

How I Booked

Much like most of my other hotel stays, I booked this one-night stay at the Casa De Piedra Boutique Hotel through for a total of 67.50$. If I ever came back to Bolivia and stayed in a hotel, I think I would choose this one again due to the good rate. However, for people on the harder budget side, there are plenty of hostels available for much cheaper!

Still, I think this is a great deal!


Once I arrived at the hotel around 3:30 pm, I headed to the check-in area located on floor 2. There is a sign on the outside for the restaurant and once you are inside take the staircase up.

It was beautifully decorated and I already knew that this was going to be a stay to remember!

The staff took a scan of my passport and showed me to my room! It's all very simple stuff!

The Room

To my knowledge, there are only about 5 rooms at the hotel, which makes for a very intimate feel.

OH MY GOSH... How cute are these American flags!! This is what I mean by Bolivian culture: people are unbelievably friendly. How did they know I was a US passport holder before I came? Do they have flags for all? I digress.

It was situated on a cute little coffee table with two chairs.

The room had an interesting layout and gave off Queen Of The South vibes. If you haven't seen it, it's one of my favorite shows ever...

Everything you need was there, bedside tables with charging ports, a phone, a mini fridge and seeing it now a TV. I didn't even realize it when I was there😅.


The bed was very comfortable and allowed me 5 hours of rest. The surreal part of this hotel is that you truly feel like you are in a reality world (because it's so different to the US). There was low live music playing outside and with the eery feeling of the room (in a good way), it felt as if I was somewhere in the Amazon jungle.

So, you see the staircase in the picture above? Well, I decided to explore what was upstairs. Spooky Season initiated. WOAAAHH! There is a bed upstairs with cushions on the floor and is that a dining table? I am flabbergasted!

It felt surreal, a certain feeling went down my spine that made me feel alive. Do I understand the concept? No. Do I love it? YESS!

Like why? So cool but why?

There was a bathroom located downstairs featuring a sink, shower, and toilet. Everything was provided from towels to soap, conditioner, and shampoo.

Not spooky sadly

It reminded me of my Casa Particular in Cuba, another cultivating experience.

The shower worked perfectly at 3 o'clock in the morning. Fantastic hot water and great water pressure!

Look at all these nice amenities!

Great hotel for the price

The Restaurant

As I mentioned earlier, there is a restaurant on the first floor that is a part of the hotel (they only take cash). I headed there for dinner around 8:30 pm and had a couple of beers (1.50$ each) and some food.

The menu was extensive, but I eventually settled on a Milanese chicken due to the mixture of protein and carbs.


Service/Check Out

The service was incredible from start to finish and perhaps even better than some 5-star hotels I have stayed in. Here are a few things that stood out to me

1. Being escorted to my room and shown how everything works.

2. The little flags made my day truly

3. The overall friendliness of the staff, offering to book me a taxi, etc

4. Being awake for me at 3 am to check out of the hotel, top marks here.

5. Always around to take requests such as changing money

When it came to check out, the taxi they had arranged (a really nice taxi) was waiting outside to take me to the airport. I paid in cash (USD) and was on my way to head to Rio!

But I don't wanna leave😒

Stay tuned for reviews of the flights to Brazil and what Brazil is like. Well, I guess Chile is as well!

Final Thoughts

I absolutely adored my stay at the Casa De Piedra Boutique Hotel. The staff was amazing, truly amazing, the rooms were eery but an experience I will never forget and the food/beer was divine. Next time I come back, I will be staying here even if it is unavailable (perhaps I can rent just the spooky loft😂).



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