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Review: British Airways (BA) New First Class On The 777-300 From London To Los Angeles

Updated: Apr 1


Let's take a break from the review trip to Cuba and return to the second quarter of 2023, I had to take a day trip from Los Angeles to Scotland. On the outbound segment, I flew American Airlines in economy to London, followed by a middle seat on BA economy (it was a family emergency) up to Edinburgh. On the way back I found award space on the new BA First Class on the last flight of the day to Los Angeles.

While it had been a long day trip to Scotland, I had a spectacular flight onboard the new BA First Class. The product is a big step up from First Class on the 777-200 with modern seats and sliding doors. The 11 hours flew by (pun intended).

The day started with an early morning departure from Gleneagles Townhouse (will write about this in a separate review).

Perhaps the second best hotel in Scotland

A morning flight to London meant taking the tram to Edinburgh Airport.

Route- London-Los Angeles

Seat- 2K

Flight Number- BA269

Date- May 3rd 2023

Flight Time: 10 Hours 35 Minutes

Price Paid- 85K miles+ 550 Pounds

How I Booked

This flight was booked using 85,000 miles+550 ish Pounds in taxes. Considering this is an 11-hour flight in First Class+4 hours in the Concorde Room, this isn't a bad value as BA miles are easy to come by.

Perfect way back to LA

The Concorde Room

After arriving from the short hop to London, I went to the Concorde Room. The Concorde room is only accessible to passengers flying in first class (mostly), so I always plan plenty of time to use it when flying first class.

First Class Entrance

I didn't get the chance to review the Concorde Room, hence why there isn't a separate post, but I did take some pictures of the private dining room. While I didn't indulge in any food, I took advantage of the LPGS that was served in the lounge. One mimosa and one glass of champagne, what could go wrong😅?

The dining room is incredible

While the dining room is fantastic and private, this is the only part of the lounge that makes it a first-class lounge in my opinion. The showers are subpar, there are no nap rooms (there is a communal area to sleep with a few angled flat seats), and it feels quite small for how busy it is. The only other good aspect of the Concorde Room is the British service, which is always incredible and polite.


My flight today would depart from C gates, which meant taking the train over😒. Our flight boarded 50 minutes before departure and I was the first on board. Upon first glance, the cabin looked beautiful! There was a light blanket and a pair of great-quality headphones waiting on the buddy seat. Don't worry there is bedding for those wondering but I was so tired I didn't think about asking for turndown service😅.

A lot of space

The cabin was the most elegant I have seen from any BA aircraft in any class.

Props to you BA

The FA came over to ask what I would like to drink before takeoff. Why only have a mimosa when you can also have a glass of champagne? Nuts were accompanied while we were on the ground; it was a small but beautiful touch. Pyjamas were offered and I immediately changed into them.

In need of sleep

We pushed back on the dot at 3:45 pm. 21 minutes later we were airborne, bound for Los Angeles. Here's our flight path for the day.


Approximately 40 minutes after departure an Amuse Bouche was offered. There were 3 different options that were part of the singular Amuse Bouche. All 3 were fantastic, and a perfect way to start the meal.

I had finals in 2 weeks😅

A glass of LPGS was accompanied the amuse-bouche.

Working Working Working

Due to the beef carpaccio coming out shortly, the FA recommended two wines, for review purposes, I chose both😅. This was brought out quickly along with the napkin as they set the table.

About 15 minutes later, the carpaccio with truffle sauce came out. While I felt the truffle was a little bit too rich, it was still very decent, and would have it again. Warm bread accompanied the starter, and the bread was great. The FA set the table beautifully, with cute salt and pepper shakers, a bread knife on the plate to apply butter, and two forks and knives.

Excellent, just a tad rich

I selected lamb chops as my main course for this afternoon. Food and wine sleep coma sounds fun! 😂

Oops I finished a wine

The lamb was delicious and cooked perfectly. Take a look at that pinkish-red, restaurant quality. The potatoes were delicious as well.


At this point, I set the mood with the modern light next to the seat. Feels very modern but still classic BA, perfect!

Menu was placed alongisde the light

Since I hadn't slept in 25 hours I was stressed and stress caused binging food😅. I asked the FA if they had any pasta available and they quickly heated one up for me. While it was a little bit on the firm side, the Ravioli was still very tasty.

Why don't I go all out and try all of the food? So, I ordered the sea bass as well😂. Maybe I should change the name of this review to "BA First Class Food Review 😅. The sea bass was moist and very flavorful. All of the food impressed me from start to finish, props to you BA!

More bread was offered as well

Unsure of how I had room for more food, I managed to order dessert. For this, I chose the crepes with ice cream. These were delicious and a good change from what I get on other airlines. The FA offered me a dessert wine, which I couldn't say no to.

Simply lovely

Due to all of my courses, the meal service ended while we were over in Greenland. The service from the FAs was incredible, extremely accommodating, and felt like true British First Class service. I would love to fly with this crew again!

The Rest Of The Flight

Traditionally, I would have asked the FA to make up the bed with the plush duvet offered by BA. Before I could even think of that I passed out for 6 hours with the small blanket. A day trip to Scotland is not for the feint of heart😒.

I woke up about an hour and a bit before landing, still extremely full from that very large dinner service😩.

Hula Hoops are incredible and since I was in London I stocked up on 15 bags in the airport. I cracked one open and had another glass of LPGS as continued on our way into LAX.

Salt and Vinegar is better though

The view out of the window was serene.

The best view in the world

Soon enough we were on initial descent into LAX. Speaking of this screen is a huge upgrade from any other screen on BA. While I didn't use it much, it was large, responsive, and extremely high quality.

Cactus Jack forces back on

We touched down ahead of schedule in LAX and had a short taxi to the Bradley terminal.

I was here 2 days ago😂.

Final Thoughts

Even if I hadn't slept in 25 hours, I was able to get a grasp on the new BA First Class. This product is a big step up in a lot of ways. The seat is extremely private, the IFE is transformational comparatively, the service was stellar, and free wifi was given out. Being from the UK, there is something special about stepping on one of their planes, it's very sentimental. After this experience, I would go as far as to say this isn't the best business-class product but a true first-class product. The hard product isn't quite there like with SQ or Emirates and there is no caviar like most airlines, but it all comes together to make a First Class product that is a pleasure to fly.


Onboard Catering


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