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  • Konrad Tillman

Review: Americas Copacabana Hotel


During my very short stay in Rio De Janeiro, I had to find a hotel to get the 5 hours of rest I oh so needed. With no concrete plans on the day, I looked up hotels while I was on the ground from Santiago to Sao Paulo and came across a fantastic deal for the Americas Copacabana Hotel.

For the price paid, the Americas Copacabana wasn't too bad at all. The beds were comfortable and it provided what I needed: a crash pad.

Let's get into the quick review!

How I Booked

Rates for my selected one-night stay were around 59$ per night before taxes, an incredible bargain! After taxes and fees, the total came out to 62$ for my one-night stay. Usually, it's about 1.5x that price, but due to my last-minute booking, they had a great deal on I rant and rave about since it has worked in my favor countless times, especially as a gold member!

Well worth 62$ per night, I'll tell you that!


The Americas Hotel Copacabana is located approximately 17 mins from Santos Dumont airport, and 25 mins from GIG airport.

However, the biggest benefit is that it is only a 10-minute walk to the beach (if you get a move on)!

Fantastic location

It it a little further than most of the main hotels, but the price reflects that and the Americas still remains within walking distance.

I had a stroll down to Copacabana Beach and found it to be marvelous. How is everyone in such good shape??

You would be classified as "overweight" with a 6 pack in Rio😅


Due to a late arrival from my shuttle flight from Sao Paulo to Rio, I didn't arrive at the hotel until 12:30 am. Very very very late. A very friendly staff was waiting to check me in, and it seemed he knew me by name. Probably since I was the only hooligan to check in this late😅.

Everything was very straight forward, no credit card was required and I was directed to the elevators.

The staff member glanced at my chain and advised me to be careful if I was heading out which I thoroughly appreciated.


Even though I am a gold member, no free upgrade was offered. To be honest, I did not mind as anything was better than sitting upright for 14 hours earlier that day😅.

The hallways were a little bit eery, but I found my room with no trouble.

Giving me Casa De Piedra vibes

As mentioned, the bed was comfortable, or I was just exhausted, but either way.

There was a mini fridge and a snack bar. Unsure if you had to pay for these or not since no credit card was taken😅.

Slept like it was the first time I had ever slept

A small desk featuring a chair was located opposite the bed. It's a perfect place to get some work done.

Keep in mind there are no international charging ports, bring your plugs!👍

To add on, a menu for room service was also presented, although I chose not to partake.

A very basic bathroom was attached to the bedroom. Although basic, it did feature everything I needed for a one night stay and was clean. A hairdryer, bathmats, towels, and soap were provided.

All I need to be honest

The shower worked well with the solo one I took. The water pressure was good, and the hot water was constant, although it looked a bit rustic.

Is it luxurious? Not so much. Did it serve its purpose? YES

Amenities-wise: Free Wi-Fi was provided, and the staff at the check-in informed me how to connect. Supposedly, there was a pool, but the guests I interacted with at the hotel informed me that it wasn't the best. Sadly, I simply had zero time to check it out as the second I woke up I was exploring Rio. From the second I was done exploring, it was straight to the airport😳!

Final Thoughts

It the Americas Copacabana over the top luxurious like the Fasano? No, not exactly. However, the Americas does resemble terrific value for money if you want to head out exploring Rio De Janeiro. I could also see this hotel being perfect in terms of carnival. It was cheap, a great crash pad, and close to the beach. All in all, if I had one night again in Rio, I wouldn't hesitate to stay here. Although, the Fasano does sound nice😅.



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