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  • Konrad Tillman

The Food In Rio De Janeiro


Following my flight from Sao Paulo to Rio and a hectic day of traveling, to say the least, I had a grand total of 16 hours in Rio De Janeiro.

What I missed about Brazil the most was the beef. I have a review of Awasi in Iguazu that features free-flowing steak. I was dying for a Brazilian steak!

During my 16 hours in Rio, I had two meals. Can you guess what they were? Steak and more steak!

The First Jawn

After that horrendous day, I was so hungry I could eat a cow. Once I had settled into my hotel, I walked briskly to the closest restaurant I could find that was open at 1 am. Everyone was looking at me like I was crazy since I was the only Gringo out at the time😅 (that I saw).

Immediately, I saw a filet mignion on the menu and additionally, ordered a beer. With all of this good food and great beer, how is everyone so slim here?


I must have demolished it in under 10 minutes. Not sure if it was a filet or not but it was sensational none-the-less. What do they feed the cows?? The best part is that the cost was like 12$ at this spot!

Second Jawn

The only other proper meal I indulged in was after the tour of Christ The Redeemer. Part of the tour included an all-you-can-eat buffet including a vast amount of different beef options.

These sausages were so good. Hey, considering all the cardio I had done and lack of eating, I deserved the 9 sausages I ate😅.

My word: How I would kill for these right now

Next up was the beef. 9 sausages isn't that bad, but I also must have consumed 1/2 a kilo of steak. Enter a food coma...

Could not drag me away: they salt it perfetly

If you are ever in Brazil, I cannot recommend just fueling up at an all-you-can-eat BBQ spot. It's quite a cool experience with so many locals. For a portion of my life, I was used to fine dining restaurants (not trying to come off entitled or anything) and while I enjoy those, I actually prefer the culture of all-you-can-eat BBQ in Rio.

Final Thoughts

The food in Brazil is incredible. I don't have to give you a recommendation because 9/10 spots you walk into will serve you incredible stuff. Although I didn't get to try the wine this time (save that for Chile), I was able to enter a food coma through tremendous amounts of beef. If you are heading to Brazil soon and love beef, get excited!



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