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  • Konrad Tillman

Review: Adra Hostel Antigua Guatemala


Surprisingly, this was the first hostel I ever stayed at. With this weekend consisting of a budget trip, I came across the Adra Hostel. Overall, I would say this was a lot better than I expected, with semi-private beds, semi-private bathrooms, and good places for lounging.

How I Booked

Rates started at around 300 Guatemalan per night, which is equivalent to 38$ for the nights I stayed, although it can be found cheaper. I booked my stay using, the process was very straightforward.


Adra Hostel is located a little bit off the main part of the city, which I liked. This is because it was a quiet area at night but still within walking distance of the main plaza.

The hotel arranged my transport to Antigua, but you can read about the way to get there here, (


There are 4 rooms, each featuring 24 beds in shared accommodation. The biggest selling point this hostel has, is the beds are semi-private. They are bunk beds with curtains, a lot nicer than some other hostels in the area.


I found the beds to be quite private since I couldn't see anyone else when I was sleeping. However, I was able to hear people throughout the day.

Very safe as well

There were storage lockers free of charge (need to give ID) to store your belongings throughout the day and when you are sleeping.

The beds were comfortable and I was able to get some good sleep during my two night stay


While there is one toilet and one shower in each room, there are also 3 private communal toilets with locking doors off to the side of the main area. Here is a picture of the toilet in the bedroom.

Disgracefully hungover

With a closing door and shower.

While I chose to use the more private toilets in the other section. Towels for available for rent at 4 USD for your whole stay.

I found the toilets to be functional, it was private and had everything I needed.

Privacy is key

The moral of the story is if you need to do your business in private, don't have any concerns.

Communal Area/Dining

Adra Hostel has two communal areas, one being the rooftop bar and the other being the downstairs lounging area.

Throughout my time, I saw multiple people doing some online work downstairs, as I believe they offer free wifi. The colors are a great scheme and combined that with the good weather, this is a great place for lounging.


So when we talk about dining the prices were cheaper than a lot of the restaurants in Antigua. I found my steak sandwich extremely good for 10$ USD and margaritas strong (probably too strong) for 4$. There are plenty of options from salads to tacos to more.

Good heavens

I didn't realize that the hostel was hosting a party the weekend I was there, more specifically, a Mardi Gras party. The bartender, Mario, was a standout guy which we all had a lot of fun with. Yes, I bought a bottle of Tequila as well, for 45$ it was a no-brainer.

Fun day

The party was a great time with decorations, face masks, and "good vibes" (their motto). At least this was until I went to bed at 7:00🥲, not cut out for this anymore 😅.

Final Thoughts

While staying in a hostel might not be for everyone, especially since Airbnb's can be the same price in Antigua, I had a fantastic time. I was able to meet many new people, have more privacy than I expected, and have "good vibes" all around. I highly recommend this hostel and would stay here again 🙌.



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