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Recommendation: Top 7 Hotels In New York City

New York can be an expensive place no matter if you are planning to go with a budget in mind or with no budget in mind. Below is a list of my top 7 hotels in New York with various price ranges.

Number 1: 1 Brooklyn Bridge

While not technically in Manhattan it is just across the river giving sweeping views of the skyline. With cozy rooms, comfortable beds, and great food there's a reason this is ranked number 1. The amenities are where the sale is as during the winter they have an outdoor ice bar and during the summer a pool that overlooks Manhattan. Keep in mind when booking that even a basic room is very nice but upon availability room upgrades are offered for reasonable fixed rates. If you can get a room with a bath then that vacation becomes a little bit more of a vacation.

Rates start at around 450$ per night

Number 2: The Roxy

The Roxy is a great option to stay at if you are in town for pleasure as one of the hottest nightclubs/bars is part of the hotel, Paul's Baby Grand. Along with a stellar location they have a couple of restaurants including happy hour for Oysters. The rooms are a standard size for Manhattan but cozy nonetheless. The amenities are standard with a small gym in the basement and a glass of sparkling wine upon check-in (most times). As part of the hotel they also host live-music events frequently so before heading out onto the town you can grab a drink and listen to some live music!

Rates start at 219$ per night

Number 3: The Pierre (A Taj Hotel)

A lot of people might find this one curious as to why this made the list so I will explain. The Pierre Hotel is owned by the Taj Group which is based out of India. India is known to have some extraordinary service and it seems like the translated to this hotel in the US. Whether you need the hotel to run out and buy you a nightgown or just a simple meal to the room, the staff would be happy to oblige. The rooms also stand out with a mix of New York and Indian cultures playing together while having a mesmerizing view of Central Park from your window. The location doesn't get any better. The restaurant is gorgeous inside as well as the atrium.

Rates start at 700$ per night

Number 4: Sixty LES

An outdoor pool in Manhattan sounds quite nice to lounge around during the summer, doesn't it? Well for a modest price and very spacious rooms, sixty LES offers an outdoor pool, sauna, and gym for guests opting to stay at the hotel. While there is an amazing rooftop bar (I recommend making reservations for the weekend) one can find countless options within 3 minutes of walking, while also being 10 minutes to Soho. This is my favorite place to stay when visiting the village. The people staying here are a much younger crowd but can be for anyone!

Rates start at 176$ per night

Number 5: The Ludlow

Virtually right around the corner from the Sixty LES is the Ludlow. This would be my second option if I needed to be in the village due to just how chic this hotel is, especially if you are able to get a suite. Some of the rooms have gorgeous views over the city as well as a cocktail bar that serves drinks that will blow your mind.

Rates start at 317$ per night

Number 6: The Aman New York

Weirdly most Aman's have a name after but not this one yet. If you're not on a budget this hotel is for you. There is no other hotel (in New York) that can compare with the countless amenities such as the spa, pool, and service. The rooms start at 700+ Square feet unlike the countless other hotels in NYC that have small rooms. Like I said this hotel may not be for everyone, especially since it's not bookable with points, but if you have the means to stay I highly recommend it.

Rates start at 1850$ per night

Number 7: The Carlyle

Located between Park and Madison on 76th Street this is the perfect place if you need to be on the UES. The Carlyle has all the best and whistles with comfortable bedding, decorative rooms, and stellar views of the skyline. The service at the Carlyle is said to be polished and if you can secure a room with a bathtub it would sure make a vacation a little bit more relaxing. Just a couple minute walk to Central Park and some of the top restaurants in the city could make the price worthwhile.

Rates start at 833$ per night


There are hundreds if not thousands of hotels in New York to choose from ranging from 100$ per night to a couple of thousand. I hope with this article I was able to help give you some tips if you are having a hard time deciding. Sometimes when we have too many choices we overthink. If you're heading to New York I hope you have a great time!


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