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Recommendation: My Top 2 Hotels In Jakarta, The Showdown

Indonesia is one of the places in the world I call home and the main city in Indonesia is Jakarta. I tend to stay at multiple hotels in Jakarta to try out different ones but have determined that these are my top 3 hotels in Jakarta.

Number 1: Four Seasons Jakarta

Funnily enough, the first time I came here I wasn't a fan of the service. They rectified the situation and since then it has been peace in a city that is busy. However, since then it has felt like home. I've always felt the Four Seasons service stellar and when an issue arose at the restaurant, they offered to host me next time for dinner at the restaurant, a very pleasant surprise. Also with rates starting at 196$ per night, it could be a no-brainer.


Rooms start at 676 square feet since it is an all-suite hotel. They come with freestanding bathtubs, walk-in marble bathrooms, comfortable signature FS beds, a living room with a desk, and two TVs. Truly a phenomenal room. I might go as far as to say that this could be the nicest room out of all the city FSs in the world. One Dalton previously was number 1.

Bathroom at the FS Executive Suite

Entry room to FS


For a city hotel, the amenities are outstanding. On the 5th floor are the spa, the gym, and the outdoor pool (Jakarta stays hot year-round or relatively). Alto is the restaurant on the top floor which has everything you can think of from Tiramisu to caviar, to truffle pasta to Wagyu Steak, a fantastic restaurant.

The lobby consists of the patisserie with fresh Macarons, croissants, and pain au chocolates, the breakfast restaurant, and the Nautilus Bar (which I have yet to check out).

Alto Restaurant

Restaurant for breakfast

If you stay, order the Wagyu bites poolside!

Number 2: The Langham

The Langham is relatively new to Jakarta which has its benefits but it also means they are trying to figure out some kinks. While not as nice as the FS, The Langham is a great place to stay as well. The one issue I had with them is we confirmed a rate over email and then one day later when I went to pay they said it had changed. It happens, but considering a 13-hour time difference it would have been nice that it was honored. Rates start at a little bit more than the FS at 205$ per night. Anyhoo let's get into the hotel!


Rooms are a little bit smaller here, starting at 450 square feet. The beds are also comfortable but what stands out with the rooms is the hominess of them, they feel very cozy. With great decorations and TVs that almost immerse in the room, you are in for a relaxing time.

Very cozy rooms

Marble Bathrooms


My favorite part of the Langham Jakarta is the "pool in the sky", quite literally. Near the top of the building lies a pool and hot tub that has stunning views yet is still indoors.

Or if you are looking for an outdoor pool The Langham has a beautiful one.

The Langham also offers a gym and a couple of great restaurants, one being Cantonese dining and the other European cuisine with some of the finest steak you will come across in Jakarta.

A perfect place for an afternoon cocktail


While there are plenty of hotels in Jakarta such as the Ritz and The Raffles, these two hotels are spectacular. I think due to the age of the Four Seasons and the amenities it takes the number 1 spot in my books. Let me know what you think in the comments!


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