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  • Konrad Tillman

Quick Thought: United Explorer Card

Having recently gotten my first Credit Card in a while, I wanted to touch on my thoughts about having it after 4 months.

Interesting Card

The Rewards Aren't Great All

Having had plenty of credit cards/access to credit cards, I am able to determine that the rewards are just not worth it for this card.

While yes the free checked bag can be beneficial, it's not that difficult to obtain silver status in my opinion. 25% back on United inflight and in-club purchases is helpful but not needed that much. If they sold Krug at the lounge then potentially😉 but they don't.

The 100$ credit is also a decent benefit but a lot of other credit cards offer the same.

Premiers Save is another benefit since I was able to get my seat from El Salvador to LAX for only 16K miles instead of 21K miles.

Why I'm Not Sold

I'm not sold on this credit card because of the points you get when spending money. For example, United, restaurants, and a few other transactions are the only ones to offer 2x points for every dollar spent. The rest is a simple 1 to 1 ratio.

Other credit cards can offer you a better value!



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