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  • Konrad Tillman

Planning For Cuba+ Concerns

With my trip to Cuba beginning in 4 days, I have been trying to assemble an itinerary since I need to present it to the customs agents. Here is where I am currently, although it is obviously subject to change.

Salsa Dance Class

The first activity I booked under "support for the Cuban people" consisted of a salsa dance class. While I have taken a few in my years around, I get the feeling the one I will experience in Havana will be different.

For a 1.5-hour class, the total came to 20 USD, flat. Civitatis seems to offer plenty of activities around Havana and more locations worldwide. This is the website I used to book this class, although after reading some reviews, I'm a little bit skeptical.

Cigar Workshop

The next activity I have planned is a cigar workshop in Havana. Once again, I have found this workshop through Civitatis, all of my eggs are in one basket which I don't like.

I opted to do the "no transport" option for a total of 97$. While this is quite expensive, I have heard raving reviews from people that have done this. Drinking rum, seeing how cigars are made, and drinking them! What could go wrong?

Old Car-Shoot

The final scheduled activity that I have across my two days in Havana consists of a photoshoot in one of the old town cars. I figure I can kill two birds with one stone since I want some photos, and I want to ride around in the classic old car.

Once again, this is booked through Civitatis for a total of 60$. The tour and shoot lasts around 2.5 hours, so this is fantastic value!

Lastly, I will take some time to enjoy some Cuban Rum! While I don't drink when I'm in the USA, once I go on trips, I enjoy the local booze. Coffee shops look splendid as well, and I can't wait to see the turquoise water of the Carribean. Who knows, maybe I'll never return and turn into Jack Sparrow😅!

My Worries

Since this is a new country for me (number 76), I have a couple of concerns going into my trip. Side note: I had an upgrade offer today from American for 170$, but seeing as I will fly business on the way back, I will rough it in economy for review's sake.

Concern 1: Wifi/Date

So, I'm a little bit confused when it comes to Wifi. While at the end of the day, I'm sure I will survive if I have no service, I am trying to figure out if I am able to purchase a Wifi card? See, I have the iPhone 15, which features an Esim, and I heard you have to buy a SIM card.

Concern 2: Buying the tourist card

As I talked about in a previous post, I had a wonderful agent from American "Fabulous" book me a reservation with a 2.5-hour layover in Miami. Originally, I wanted to buy the tourist card online but it mentioned that it can take up to a month to arrive, I don't have time for that!! I am hoping that the process in Miami is quite simple.

Concern 3: Getting Around

At this rate, I need to learn Spanish because this seems to be an issue around the world. This could only prove to be an issue if I have no Wifi, as I'm not sure where I will be going or how to get there. I hope I am able to find a few taxi drivers that speak English, I always feel horrible when I am unable to speak the local language ❤️.

Final Thoughts

While I am extremely excited to be able to go to Cuba in a few days, there are a couple of aspects that concern me. However, those concerns are diminished by the fact I will be smoking Cuban Cigars and drinking Cuban rum😂. Stay tuned for plenty of reviews soon!



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