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  • Konrad Tillman

How I Booked 11 Hours In AA Business Class For 478 USD!

Oh my goodness, did I come across the deal of the century in my opinion? I was trying to find some good flight prices from Havana back to Los Angeles and came across an option that was a bit out there but it will give me lots to review for you all.

This is what the itinerary looks like:

Havana- Miami Business Class 737-800

Miami- New York JFK First Class 777-200

New York JFK- Los Angeles LAX Business Class A321T

With one-stop bookings in Miami upwards of 1500$ one way, I was able to snag all three of these segments for 478. If you think this is too good to be true, here is proof.


If I had booked each segment individually the total cost would have come out to 341$ for the Havana-Miami segment, 801$ for the Miami-New York segment, and 989$ for the New York-Los Angeles segment. The total for all three of those flights is north of 2100$!!!

Originally when I called American Airlines the agent was very rude and didn't allow me to book this reservation... However, I eventually got through to this agent named "Fabulous", who could not have been more Fabulous. She was able to book my outbound and inbound in less than 5 minutes.

Havana- Miami

For this segment, I am quite excited, as I was able to get the 737-800 which I have yet to review. The A319 would have been nice as well but I'm not too fussed. While it isn't the most modern product in the world, it sure is more than adequate for a one-hour flight. I have selected seat 3A.

Comfy cozy

The best part is once I land in Miami airport, I should be able to access the flagship lounge due to my ticket to LAX later that day. Hopefully, I will be able to get a review in of this lounge as I have never visited it!

Miami- New York

For the next portion of this trip I will fly onboard a 777-200 from Miami to New York. I have flown this aircraft many times in business class but am hoping for the nicer configuration. The only reason is because I flew the old configuration last month where I have already have a review in the works. I have selected seat 7A for this trip, the bulkhead in the smaller cabin. I had an option with meal choices and I went with the short rib for this flight!

Last time I flew this was on the Doha leg

Once I land into JFK, I have just over an hour before my flight departs to LAX which means I can review the flagship lounge at JFK!

New York- Los Angeles

This is probably the best part of the trip, for me at least. The reason I say this is because I haven't flown the business class on this plane in about 5 years. I have flown the First Class probably over 20 times but never business. I thought about upgrading for 300 and if I had more time in JFK, I might do it, but I think it's important to review the business class product before it leaves the fleet. I have selected seat 6F due to the larger footwell, that's the one thing I remember about this product. There was a choice of meals, and I decided on the beef filet.

Out of this world excited to be taking 5 flights in 4 days, all with American Airlines!!

Final Thoughts

While this long and complicated itinerary might not be for all, this is going to be a lot of fun for me. Hopefully, I am going to be fed decent airplane food, have comfortable seating and all from coming from country 76! I could not be happier, thank you Fabulous for helping me book this!



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