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  • Konrad Tillman

My Roundabout Routing To The USA From Bali

While there are a lot of ways to fly from SE Asia to the USA including a simple one-stop in Singapore I decided to make this trip a little bit more fun. Why fly 2 flights when you can fly 6, am I right?

Since I have been on a cultural viewing of the world I thought it would be a great idea to go back to Cairo and see the pyramids, even with the situation ongoing nearby (Israel, I'm a little bit nervous). I haven't been to see the Pyramids since I was a lot younger, probably 5 or so. Anyway this trip I saw Angkor Wat + the surrounding temples, the oldest house in Vietnam, the Royal Palace in Phnom Penh, many many temples in Bhutan, and lastly the Taj Mahal so the pyramids fit in perfectly. It also works well as there are cheap business class fares out of Cairo to the USA.

Ok, let's get into the routing and how I booked.

Leg 1: Denpasar-Doha-Cairo Q-Suites

As you can read about here, I booked this leg of the trip with miles for 40K+ around 60$USD in taxes. A very good price to fly this long in the world's best business class product. Although I hope they let me on board after the fiasco that happened last time (more on that in a future article).

Once I land in Cairo I will be staying at the Fairmont which I booked through and due to my status I am hoping for an upgrade. I get in around 11 am which allows me 29 hours in Cairo, perfect!

Last time I flew Q Suites on the 77L

Leg 2: Cairo-Rome-New York

As I mentioned above there are some great fares out of Cairo heading to the USA. I had a couple of different options all priced around the same with Swiss, Lufthansa, and ITA. This is where it gets exciting as I have decided to fly ITA from Cairo-Rome-New York all on a connecting ticket. I was able to have it so I depart in the afternoon from Cairo and have the night in Rome (for dinner) and since I have never been to Italy (yes I grew up in London and never been to Italy hate me) it works perfectly. The aircraft I will hopefully be on (touch wood), is the A321neo with lie-flat seats and to top it off I am booked into 1A. I paid a total of 1370$ for this ticket, booked through ITA.

The following day I head back to the airport and fly to New York to pick up a mouthguard. I am currently on the 10-something flight but might change it to the afternoon, let's see. The aircraft at the moment is an ex-Air Italia A330-200 but have been noticing some aircraft swaps to the 350 or the 330 neos recently so I pray for potentially a swap. There were no true window seats left so I am booked into 5J for this leg.

In Rome, I will stay at Hotel 77.

1F on ITA new A321 Neo

Leg 3: (Tired Yet) New York-Phoenix-John Wayne

This is where I was stuck in a dilemma. Do I fly directly from JFK-LAX which I have done on American about 30+ times in J and F or do I fly on the 777-200 to Phoenix and then onto SNA which is a lot closer to home? It was basically the same price (10$ difference) so I decided to go for the 777-200 to Phoenix and then the A321 to John Wayne.

I am hoping to get one of the older 777-200s with the seats that face forward and backward as I've had yet to be unlucky enough to experience them, I have always sat in the nicer ones. Some might call me crazy but I want to try them out! I am currently booked into 7L.

I booked this ticket for 701$ with my AA credit from my canceled trip on QR.

And just like that, that will be the end of the trip! This means that it will be time to start publishing all of the reviews!


This is definitely another Jettoajet way to travel back to the States but it should be super fun!



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