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  • Konrad Tillman

How I Booked 14 Hours In Q-Suites + Al Mourjan First Class Lounge Access For 40K Points+ Minimal Taxes

While you will read about in my next post my roundabout routing to New York and then onto Los Angeles, I wanted to share a spectacular deal that I found for booking Q Suites for one of the cheapest routings I have found.

The Routing:

The routing is on the high-density configured A350-1000 that flies daily from Denpasar to Doha with only 24 Q-suites. Following that, there will be a 2.5-hour layover in Doha which with the following flight to Cairo in (First Class) will grant me access to the First Class lounge which features a jacuzzi! OOOO! The next flight will be onboard a Qatar 777-300 which for now features Q Suites, touch wood it remains that way.

How I Booked:

This deal was very straightforward to book. I had to get to Cairo and checked AA Advantage to see if there was any space. There was space pretty much every day of the week and opted to go for the perfect timing routing instead of leaving in the morning on the 787-8 with far inferior seats. A 2.5-hour layover in Doha is also the perfect time to experience the first-class lounge along with being after all those 2 am flights depart.


While I will have a longer post about why I booked this, I wanted to share this deal since it is a great way to fly the world's best business class for a fraction of the price. Even if you wanted to you could buy 40,000 miles on AA for 1200 USD which would mean 14 hours in Q suites for 1200$ which is not too bad at all.

I'm very excited to be leaving on this trip in 8 days and to visit the pyramids!



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