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Lufthansa A380 Diverts To Munich Over a Squabbling Couple

On November 28th LH772 from Munich was on its way to Bangkok on schedule when it was forced to divert to India. Let's get into why!

A 53-year-old man was heard shouting at his wife onboard the aircraft, later ending up trying to burn her blanket with a lighter he had. Allegedly the man was intoxicated and the wife went to the FA to complain. Supposedly it got so bad they were forced to divert.

Out of all the places to divert going through there it made sense to divert to Delhi (ability to accommodate) since the A380 does fly there along with Lufthansa flights daily on the 744.

My Thoughts

Sadly, these things happen. In a perfect world, we could wish that everyone was happy but the reality is this is not always the case. I believe it is always better to be safer than sorry so the captain made the correct decision to divert and let the authorities deal with this man.

I will mention it was in good fortune that Delhi wasn't far off the route path to Bangkok as it seems like the perfect place (most perfect, perfect would be no diversion) to divert.

The flight continued after an hour and a half on the ground, landing only 2 hours late in Bangkok. Huge congrats to the pilots for dealing with this matter so swiftly!


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