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Intro: Ticking Countries 82 & 83 Off The List. Nicaragua, Honduras & El Salvador Here We Go


Tomorrow I will be embarking on a new expedition back down to Central America. You may be wondering as to why I keep going to Central America. Since I am a college kid living in California who is trying to visit every country in the world, Central America makes the most sense at the moment. I have been to most of Western Europe and Oceania/Asia. It would be tough to take a weekend trip to Eastern Europe/Middle East/Africa from the West Coast😅.

Let's get into what to expect in terms of reviews.

American Airlines 787-8 Economy

As I wrote about on this blog a while ago, AA has fares for 5K miles down to the Caribbean, Mexico, and most of Central America. I managed to score two seats for me and my friend down to Nicaragua for 5K AA miles, a bargain to visit Nicaragua. The first flight consisted of the 787-8 in economy. The reason for this aircraft was that I haven't reviewed the 787 in economy!

Seatback Entertainment will help to MIA

American Airlines Economy 737

With a 4-hour layover, I might use my AMEX to get me into the Centurion lounge and I also might not. After this layover, the plan is to take the 737 down to Managua. I have reviewed this product in both business class and economy, but I will be looking forward to seeing how economy is holding up.

Was a bit dirty last time

Admin Stuff Around Nicaragua

I constantly see posts around Reddit asking about the best way to get to the airport, immigration times, etc., so I thought this would be a great opportunity to put it all in one place. Expect to see those two posts plus potentially what it's like to visit an active volcano and the town of Granada!

Airbnb Accommodation

During my 3 night stay in Nicaragua, I found a great deal through Airbnb. The reviews are good and the location is even better! I plan to write a review of what it's like to stay in an Airbnb in Nicaragua!

The Treehouse Rave

The secondary purpose of this trip is to go to a rave in the jungle. Now, I rarely go out, maybe a couple of times a year but after seeing this on Instagram, I am using one of those a couple of times a year to have a good night. I look forward to sharing what it is like to go to a rave in a treehouse in Nicaragua. It's going to be a blast!

Apparently a tattoo artist is on site!

The Bus

Thinking about this gives me anxiety. A couple hours after the rave lies a 13-hour bus ride from Managua to Honduras to San Salvador. This is going to be quite an adventure, which I am excited to review and vlog!

On this bad boy for 13 hours

After that, I will remain in Salvador for about 10 hours, and I look forward to sharing a review of the Airbnb there!

American Airlines Boeing 737 Business Class

So why fly out of San Salvador and not Managua? Firstly, it was due to the insane flight prices out of Managua, and secondly, I needed to see Honduras. I was able to secure two seats in American Airlines Business Class from Salvador-Dallas-Phoenix-Los Angeles. Expect an updated review of the American Airlines Business Class on the 737.

I like this product

American Airlines A321 Business Class

Next up lies a product I have yet to review: the A321 Business Class (domestic). While I have reviewed the transcon in both Business and First Class, I haven't done the domestically configured review yet!

Once we land in Phoenix, I'll have a night to kill. The plan is to review an Airbnb or hotel there as well as potentially a little bonus of the reason I come to Phoenix: an amazing music studio.

American Airlines 737 Business Class

Last up will consist of a short hop over to Los Angeles from Phoenix the following day. For this segment, I will be back onboard the 737 in Business Class, and while I will have some photos of the cabin before, I aim to review what it's like to take this shuttle flight.

Final Thoughts

This is going to be one heck of a five days, I can say that much. However, with all of this traveling, it is going to consist of lots of interesting reviews, as well as some bonus fun activities I got up to! I will be posting the remaining part of my LATAM adventure, but just might not be as active. See you on the other side!



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