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  • Konrad Tillman

Initial Thoughts: Why I'm Not The Biggest Fan Of Garuda Business Class. Garuda Business Class From Singapore To Jakarta.

Yesterday I got to try out Garuda's A330-300 in business class from Singapore to Jakarta after flying on Air Asia from Denpasar to Jakarta. To be honest, I wasn't a fan of the hard product at all. The service was exceptional throughout the flight but the seats were old and quite frankly, disgusting for business class.

This may sound entitled

Yes, this may sound entitled for an hour and a half flight but it is important to note what the experience was like. With Singapore Airlines matching fares almost I would fly Singapore business-class again in a heartbeat over Garuda's old 2-2-2 configuration. Originally when I booked this flight it was supposed to be on the new 339 Neo but of course, an aircraft swap. Take a look at the wear and tear on the seat when in lie-flat mode...

The Angle Flat Is Old

Garuda has a mixed fleet of A330's consisting of A330-200,-300 and -900. Of that many of the non -900's feature angle flat seats. For a short flight this is fine but the next day I flew the same aircraft up to Hong Kong (thankfully not in business) and would not have enjoyed it for a 5-hour flight (my economy flight was much better). The legroom also felt quite tight for a bulkhead.

I was Severely Impressed With The Soft Product

Upon boarding, I was asked if I wanted something to drink which I happily obliged with a glass of champagne Henriot is a perfectly okay champagne, not great nor bad, but what really impressed me was the fact they had FLUTESSSS! I don't see this often anymore in business class, Thai Airways is one of the only other carriers to offer this (flying them twice in the next 3 days).

The Food Was Bloody Good

With no in-flight menus, I was a little concerned when the FA came around to take my order, she offered chicken with something something or beef and coconut steamed rice. Holy smokes, the beef was juicy and tender while the rice was perfectly done and so flavorful. I would have ordered this in a restaurant in a heartbeat.


I'm quite conflicted in my initial thoughts if I can recommend flying Garuda Business Class or not. On the one hand, the seats are filthy on the older fleet but on the other hand, the soft product is marvelous. Maybe once I post the full review in the coming weeks I'll be able to come to a more defined conclusion. Stay tuned for more!



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