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  • Konrad Tillman

Initial Thoughts: Singapore Suites On The A380 From Singapore To Delhi. WOW!

On Christmas Day I flew from Singapore to Delhi in the new Singapore First Class suites and was shocked. This product is truly one of a kind and I would go as far as to say, that this is the best First Class in the sky if you get the adjacent seat empty. Someone was sort of sitting in 2A but wasn't at the same time which meant a double bed all to myself, more of that in the full review. While this is quite an extensive initial thought I won't have the full review until after the trip.

Before we get into all of my initial thoughts I will mention if you haven't noticed already I am a bit of an extrovert when it comes to flying. I had a lot of fun with the crew on this flight and if I hadn't been talking with them the whole flight I might not have had as much fun! They made this flight heaven.

Boarding Commenced and of course, I was the First (suites, pun intended) on board.

Upon walking up the steep entrance to get on board the A380 I found the coveted walkway of suites. Absolutely stunning. I was escorted by the staff to my seat by name where I was then given a little tour. This seat is ridiculous and it would only get better.

I was also given a tour of the A380, okay side note but every single staff member (even in economy) knew my name. Back to the point the bathroom was huge.

After takeoff, the food was served. I had the lobster thermidor which as per Singapore Airlines is great. The crew made up the double bed which took them a solid 15 minutes (I didn't mind). This is because they wanted to make it over the top for me! With Christmas lights and everything for photos. Looking back at this photo it felt like home. The crew gave me a couple of teddies to take home.

The Rose Krug was being served on today's flight as it was Christmas Day. However, they only loaded 1 375ml bottle which of course I drank all of.

The crew later arranged a dessert setup for me for part 2 of the photoshoot. Oh my lord was this the most gorgeous thing I've ever seen. I don't think any of these desserts were actually eaten but they were more just for the pictures! This truly made me happy, as you can see the giant smile on my face in the picture!

For the rest of the flight, I just decided to relax and enjoy the double bed in the sky. Listening to some Bennie Moten and just watching the moving map is what makes me happy.

This flight was so much fun filled with so many activities and festivities. I'm already looking at booking the next flight! Stay tuned for the full review! (I'm currently at Amankora and trying to not to go on any electronics so this is the most I could write in a short time)!



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