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Initial Thoughts Polaris Business Class San Francisco To Manila

While I will have a review published in the coming week I would like to share my initial thoughts on what was a fantastic flight aboard UA191 from SFO-MNL.

To start off having just landed a couple of hours ago my head is still going up and down from the turbulence experienced. Supposedly it was the worst that any of the FA's had experienced in 28 years of flying. There was one point when my heart felt like I was on a rollercoaster and just dropped, the worst I had felt. This was no fault of the pilots as it was unexpected turbulence but is something to note if you fly this route in the winter it can be intense.

With a flight time of around 14 hours, we had a favorable routing on the night. Before takeoff, the captains invited me up to take a picture in the cockpit which made me geek out like a little kid. We then discussed the flight plan and that we would be pretty heavy tonight cruising initially at FL280 and flaps 20 for takeoff. This was memorable so thank you to the crew and the flight deck especially.

Me and the flight deck talked a little but during the flight (not in the cockpit) so 5 stars for them. They buttered the landing as well! Special shoutout to the pursuer on the flight today she was so amazing talking about the party she was going to have back in economy. She came up to check on me multiple times during the flight and addressed me by name (United give her a raise!).

One fault I will say is the menu seemed to be a bit lacking on the flight or at least it didn't have a good beef option on this route. It seemed to have more of a Philippine twist to it which I guess is good but if you're like me then it's not my favorite. I wasn't fussed since I was stuffed from the Polaris lounge.

The bed was incredible! Better than I ever remembered! I slept a straight 8 hours of the flight, albeit I was tired but still 8 hours without waking up during turbulence! The bedding was great but I think what made it was how spacious and private seat 1A was. I couldn't see anyone else and I could sleep on my side with no issue at all. It was damn spacious actually and comfortable, seat 1A all the way baby!

The IFE had some good movies on it with the new Barbie Film, Gran Turismo and also Mission Impossible which I ended up watching (highly recommend). The wifi was also cheap at 8$ for the flight although I didn't purchase it as I love being disconnected during flights.

The views on arrival topped off this flight. Landing into Manila means usually a low cloud cover. Also, can we talk about why Manila doesn't do ILS approaches instead they do RNAV even though they have ILS. If someone knows please let me know as to why. Anyways this concluded what was an outstanding flight on United Polaris.

In conclusion, my only complaint is that the flight was too short. I was honestly so content just hanging out in my seat. I had the friendliest crew to talk to, an amazing flight deck, a spacious seat, and free-flowing food and drink. I would put this up there with my top 5 flights of all time especially since I was invited to the cockpit! Thanks, United!

Stay tuned for the review soon!


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