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  • Konrad Tillman

How I Just Saved 1/3 Of My Ticket Cost On American Airlines; Over 400$ Saved


In a couple of days, I will be heading down to Panama and Belize to tick off country number 84 & 85. However, I was originally going to come back on Tuesday (to Miami) and Wednesday to Los Angeles, but something came up, and I had to get back to Los Angeles by Monday. When I asked AA to change the trip, the total jumped from 500$ one way to 1150$ one way. Yes, I booked it. In the end, I somehow paid only 704$. How?

Let's get into it!

Always Check The Price

It takes 30 seconds to check the cost of a flight, perhaps less if you are quick. After having American Airlines book that fare for over 1000$, I decided to check this morning and saw fares lower than 800$!

Much much better

However, it somehow went even lower than that when I contacted American Airlines through Twitter. I received a travel credit for 441$ after they switched it, meaning by 1151$ fare came out to around 710$. Not complaining one bit.

Use Twitter

Never in my wildest dreams did I think I would tell others to use Twitter (X) to contact American Airlines. However, I have contacted them on multiple occasions and found that if you send them all of the information, they will process it without having to call within the hour.

For my circumstances, I sent them pictures of what I needed and a message stating what I would like done. Within 18 minutes, I received an email with a trip credit, and the new trip was re-issued (same trip but cheaper). Simply fantastic, I cannot recommend the Twitter (X) avenue enough to anyone looking for help with American Airlines!

With this, I was able to score a flight in the 737-800 in Business Class from Belize to Miami and a flight on the 777-300 from Miami to Los Angeles (which I haven't reviewed yet).

American Airlines 777-300 Business Class

Final Thoughts

The moral of the story here is to take a quick look at the flight prices. Oftentimes, this won't work for direct flights on premium carriers as they will jump closer to departure. However, I have often found some prices dropping on connecting flights closer to departure. Keep an eye out; it could save you hundreds or thousands of dollars. Second moral of the story: if you want to contact American Airlines, use Twitter (X).



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