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  • Konrad Tillman

Flying On A Widebody Versus Narrowbody. The Differences On AA


Next week, I am embarking on the next era of exploration to Nicaragua, Honduras, and El Salvador (again). In order to get to Nicaragua, a connection to Miami is required. I had a choice of a layover of either 2 hours in Miami (on a narrowbody) or 4 hours in Miami but on the 787-8. After careful consideration, I chose the latter. Here is why...

The Space Of The Cabin

When it comes to business class/first class, this is a no-brainer. Most narrowbodies fly with a domestic recliner while widebodies traditionally lie flat. However, I will be speaking about the economy cabin for this part.

My issue with single-aisle jets comes down to how cramped it feels. Even if the legroom is bigger, the ceilings are smaller and in general feel more claustrophobic.


This brings me to my next point IFE. If we take a look at the picture above we can see that every AA widebody is fitted with a screen to watch movies/TV shows.

In this era some may not value this due to having access to movies on your phone. However, I have always loved having a screen so I can multitask. I do some work on my laptop, text on my phone, and watch a movie on the screen.

Faster Boarding/De-Planing

Realistically, this isn't rocket science. On narrowbody jets like the 320/321, etc, there are 6 seats per row and 1 aisle. Next thing you know it can take 15 minutes to get off the plane😅. However, with widebodies, it averages 9/10 seats per row but with two aisles. Sometimes, if certain airlines are bothersome, you will also get two jetbridges!

Potential For Upgrades

Depending on the aircraft, the potential for upgrades is higher on widebodies. I love the BE Aerospace seat on American and if you are able to snag an upgrade, it'll be much better than a narrowbody experience.

A wonderful experience

The only issue that lies with upgrades is how American Airlines tends to put these widebodies on high-yield domestic routes (aka. hubs) to Charlotte, Dallas, Los Angeles, Miami, and New York (occasionally Phoenix).

Final Thoughts

Sometimes, you don't have a choice between flying a widebody or a narrowbody. However, if you are offered the chance to take a widebody, jump on it! With IFE screens, larger cabins, and a bigger potential for upgrades, it's a no-brainer.



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