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  • Konrad Tillman

Fly To The Caribbean, Central America, And Domestically For 5K American Airlines Miles


If you are into the points and miles scene, you might know about this new offer from American Airlines: flying from North America to certain southern destinations. I am personally looking into this offer as I found a couple of routes to Nicaragua, notoriously the most expensive airport in Central America (maybe Panama as well).

Examples Of The Deal

There are no two ways about it, this is a fabulous deal. For starters, this deal only works on flights that originate on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Saturday. However, the keyword originates, so if you wanted to fly a redye on Wednesday night followed by a flight the next day to the Caribbean, that works.

Example 1: New York-Guatemala City 5K Miles+11.20$

Flights from New York to Central America can be expensive. For 5,000 miles one can fly from New York to Miami, spend a night, then continue for a long weekend to Guatemala. Having recently been to Guatemala, hiking the volcano is beautiful ( as well as Hobbitenango (

Fantastic deal

Deal 2: John Wayne/LAX- Managua 5K Miles+10.60$

This represents the best deal across the network because Nicaragua is expensive to get to (and seems expensive when you are there, taxis at least). There are simple one-stop options from LAX to Miami on widebodies but John Wayne is much easier for me, hence the example. While all these fares are in economy, 5K miles to fly 3 flights is an incredible value.

Deal 3: Seattle-Cancun 5K Miles+47.52$

Perhaps you work a lot and want to take a long weekend away to Tulum. From Seattle you could fly Wednesday night, have a short layover in Miami, and be in Tulum by 11 am on Thursday, giving you 3 days to relax on the beach. To get from the west coast of the US to Cancun for 5K miles is the best deal I've seen from American Airlines miles.

Deal 4: New York- St Lucia 5K Miles+16.60$

The last example I wanted to share was New York to St Lucia. St Lucia is another expensive place to fly into (Jade Mountain is on my bucket list), which is why this is included. Even though the routing isn't so direct, 5K miles to St Lucia is an incredible deal.

These conclude just four examples of what I find to be the best value. However, after some research the 5K miles promotion doesn't expand to any part of South America sadly, I tried Bogota but with no luck.

Final Thoughts

Act quickly on these incredible redemptions since there are supposed to be only 500,000 tickets that are allowed to be booked for 5K points. This is the first time we have seen AA drop redemptions quite low for routes to Central America, and I would like to see more!



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