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Estelar Airlines Flying An A350-900???

Recently I was checking the coolest ways to get to Caracas when I am able to get my visa and came across this airline called Estelar.

I went onto the website and found it to be in Spanish with no way to change the language. Not a problem since I was able to get through to book with my common sense but I'm still left confused...

Pretty website

Estelar offers a fleet of three different aircraft from what I can tell to 10 different destinations out of Caracas including Santiago and Madrid on an A340-300. One would naturally assume that an A340-300 would have a business-class cabin even if the seats are angled flat.

She is a beauty

Now here is where it gets even stranger... there are 6 different economy fares that one is able to book. Usually, when you book American Airlines for example you would be offered 3 fares but with Estelar you have 6 options. I have never had something like this (insert the Chainsmokers) in my life. Wait, it gets stranger. I have come across 2 articles online that mention Estelar does have a business-class product in a 2-2-2 configuration with angled flat seats. Very similar to the old Singapore A330 J from the looks.

What does each class mean?

What do the fares look like? Booked into "B class" whatever that is, my guess is this is the business class fare, it comes out to 510 USD for a one-way ticket to Santiago in Chile.

While on the return I found space in "U Class" and that came in at 430 USD one way.

All very confusing

While a roundtrip from Madrid to Caracas comes out to... 1418 USD in B Class.

Actually not a bad deal

Wait but it's get even stranger. If that wasn't enough it says the equipment for the route is a 359 indicating an A350-900. You're telling me Estelar has an A350-900 and no one has reviewed it! Blow off a review I just want to fly the A350!!!! Supposedly it's wet-leased in a 432-seat configuration so we'll see how it goes!

I have reached out to the airline via WhatsApp to see if I am able to come up with an itinerary! I'll make sure to keep all posted soon!



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