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  • Konrad Tillman

My Issue With Entering Venezuela

My mission by summer 2024 is to complete all countries in the western hemisphere (minus the islands) so that when I move to Bali I don't have to take the dreaded trip back to tick off some countries.

However, there is one country that I am running into issues with, Venezuela.

The Beauty Of Venezuela

Before I get into the issues of the country itself, the actual country seems gorgeous. The sunsets look unreal and being someone who chases sunsets around the world this is a must-visit. To add on look at this waterfall pictured below.

Even though I am afraid of snakes 😒 I would like the opportunity to visit these waterfalls. However, I have heard that this is not a great idea... more on that next.

My Issue With Getting In

If you didn't know Venezuela is considered a dangerous country by many nations due to theft, kidnapping, etc. Basically, the country collapsed which in turn has caused civil unrest. In order to go to Venezuela I need a visa and I'm unsure with a US passport if one can be issued to me for tourism purposes.

But I might have a solution! Since I am eligible for tri-citizenship, mom was born in Canada, dad was from the US and I was born in the UK I might be able to go on with a Canadian passport.

This means more effort but will also help with my trip to North Korea in the future along with a few other nations. Now I have to figure out how I am going to obtain a Canadian passport even though I am eligible. I am planning on booking an appointment and making the trip to Canada. Apparently, I can set up an online appointment and just show up, it's all quite confusing.

Even Going As A Canadian I Am Still Worried A Little Bit

While it is possible to go on tourism, with a visa of course I am worried to an extent due to the civil unrest. I have been to plenty of third-world countries but I have been told by countless people not to go. Of course, they haven't been themselves but even reading the reports online I am getting conflicted information. Some people say that if I go there is no way I make it back without anything bad happening while others say just have common sense. Well, whatever, I love a good adventure! Plus, I have an excellent FFF reaction 😅.

The Routes I Will Take

I would love to try Estelar, the A330-300 but have no clue how to book it! More research needs to be done. If that doesn't pan out potentially Cubana if they don't end that route by then. LATAM also flies direct from Lima and will endure it in economy since it's that kind of trip if I choose LATAM. Turkish also flies direct with a 787 but I would need to find award space as prices seem to be north of 3500$ one way in J.

Final Thoughts

While this may prove to be complex it is a country that I am dying to visit. Wish me luck and hopefully, I make it back in one piece!



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