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  • Konrad Tillman

BOOKED! A Couple More Flights

Having decided that Asia is too special of a place it has become clear that I have to extend my trip here. So what does that look like?

The plan as of this moment is to once I arrive in Jakarta, which I cannot change as it is non-refundable, I will head up to Hong Kong in Garuda economy class. I actually opted for economy as the day before I will be flying their business class product and would like to review both. The ticket was booked using flyingblue miles for 14,500 points+ 65$ in taxes. Not a bad deal for a 5-hour flight. However, if you are looking to book this award in business the total will be 27,000 miles or 900$ in cash, also not a bad deal.

Once arriving in Hong Kong I will be staying in the Four Seasons. The reason for the visit to Hong Kong is to get some suits made by a tailor I know there. I haven't been to Hong Kong in a long time so this will prove as an exciting opportunity.

A couple days later I will fly from Hong Kong to Bangkok on Thai Airways 777-300ER business class, while I have reviewed the First Class, I haven't reviewed business class yet. I have flown this product a while ago and liked it, so we'll see if my suspicions are the same. I booked this connecting ticket on United Miles for 28.8k points which I got back as you can see in one of my other posts. The ticket includes this leg and the one to Bali the day after.

Once arriving in Bangkok, I will stay at the Novotel most likely as I have a short layover (I'm worried about my passport as I only have a few pages left). I have not booked this yet so we will see, maybe head into town and go out for the night, who knows, life's too short.

The day after, I will fly down to Bali where I will be able to spend a couple of weeks traveling around the island. Bali is my favorite place in the world, not for the parties, not for the spirituality but because of my routine I get into there so this will be a very peaceful time.

Heading back to the US on the 25th (give or take a few days) I have a trip credit on AA which I will use to book Q Suites to New York. I'm planning on doing this today so let's hope I don't run into any trouble on the phone.

From New York to Los Angeles, well I have no clue how I'm getting there so I'll have to figure that one out later.



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