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  • Konrad Tillman

Bhutan Visa Application And Beauty

Before we get into the process of a Bhutanese visa I just want to mention I embark in a couple of hours to Manila on the craziest trip yet, if you haven't checked it out I'll attach the link at the bottom.

In terms of applying for a Visa to the Kingdom Of Bhutan, you must have a tour operator when you go to Bhutan. Usually, they will apply for the visa on your behalf, and in my instance, Amankora applied for my visa on my behalf. I received an email today which stated that my visas had been approved and they sent me a copy. Do I have to say this might be the most beautiful visa in the world?

Okay, I might be a little giddy (a lot) but the fact it says "Kingdom of Bhutan" is so cool. The fact that there is archery (their national sport) as a picture also blows my mind. Compare this to the E-visas I get from some other countries it seems like this is special.

I really cannot wait to go and visit but will report back how it is in a couple of weeks.



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