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  • Konrad Tillman

My Tedious Process of Applying For A Cambodian Visa: IVISA

Before I get into how I am getting my Cambodian visa I want to mention that I am very excited to be visiting this beautiful country. With some amazing hotels and spa treatments, I will stay at and have this seems like a perfect way to explore my 69th country (HA).

Typically most places you can either get a visa on arrival or the online visa takes around 1-2 days which is fine. Now this is my bad for not realizing but Cambodian visas typically take longer in between 3-7 business days. With arrival being in 5 days (and it's a weekend) I couldn't risk the chance of not being able to get in. So I decided to take a look at ways to rush this process. At first, I was a little skeptical when I came across IVisa as some of the reviews were not great. Yes, it was pricey but I opted to get the rush visa so I was safe. The total came to 300 ish dollars for the visa, once again this is my fault for not looking into this earlier.

However, I also applied for a standard delivery time using Ivisa for a reasonable rate (since I swear it's complicated through the Indian GOVT) and I received it in 24 hours. While I haven't received confirmation of my Cambodian Visa I am quite confident I should be able to get it (touch wood) since my Indian one came through quickly. If you have the money I would recommend this service.



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