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  • Konrad Tillman

Review: Latam Lounge Sao Paulo Airport GRU

Updated: Apr 18


For the next portion of my South American adventure, I would be flying the new LATAM Business Class on the 787-9 from Sao Paulo to Santiago. While I will write about that in a separate entry, I wanted to share what the LATAM Lounge in Sao Paulo is like.

All in all, it's a fairly decent lounge. It's not as good as the LATAM lounge in Santiago, but it's up there.

Let's get into it!


Once heading past security and immigration, hang a left.

GRU Airport

There will be signs to most of the major lounges at the Sao Paulo airport, including LATAM, AMEX, and the Admirals Club.

Head up the escalator

Past this trippy window

As soon as you reach the top of the escalator, you will find the LATAM lounge. It's hard to miss it, and probably one of the easiest lounges I have been to.

LATAM Lounge Sao Paulo

Due to my boarding pass in Business Class, I was quickly let into the lounge.


Upon entering the lounge, it was quiet at this hour (4 am). One of the best aspects of the lounge is how it is open 24 hours. There are a variety of places to sit. On the right-hand side of the lounge is an open array of seating with comfortable chairs.

LATAM lounge seating

Charging ports are available at most seats.

I could imagine this getting quite busy at times

Eventually, I found a cute little corner to sit down in and enjoy some breakfast.

My little private corner

If you are into sports, the lounge was playing sporting events throughout the whole time I was there on the main TV. Another fantastic feature.

Sadly no prem on this morning

There are plenty of comfortable chairs to sit in and enjoy one of the games being played.

That's it for the seating on the right hand side!

TV seating

When entering the LATAM lounge, most of it is predominately on the right-hand side of yourself. However, later on during my stay I decided to explore the left hand side of the lounge.

There was a bar area with some quirky seating.

Some weird looking couches that confused me a bit. Are they couches or seats attached together?


There was a small dining room as the staple piece when you first walk into the lounge.


A wine display that simply sets the scene perfectly of the lounge.

LATAM lounge GRU dining

Some hot options were on display for food such as bacon and eggs. All the basic necessities for breakfast. However, it was disappointing to see no a la carte service here.

Breakfast LATAM lounge GRU

Not all was lost, as there were some panini options, including a simple ham and cheese. The best part is they had a panini maker!!!

How many I had? I am unsure of

A couple of fresh fruit options for those who are healthier.

Breakfast LATAM lounge GRU

A much-needed coffee machine, although I couldn't figure out how to work this one.

Caffeine hit needed

So I used the more advanced one right next to it. Yes I know, I should have just started with this one to begin with😂.

Coffee machine LATAM lounge GRU

If ice cream is your thing, LATAM has you covered with multiple different flavors, as well as bottles of water to take to where you are sitting.

Ice cream at 4am would be a new thing for me

Going back over to the panini toaster, there were a couple of different bread options nearby, including bagels and bread. Yes, there was a toaster for those as well, don't worry😅.

Mhmmm bacon

Toasted panini looking ready to be eaten, a bite for the road😱.

I took a seat back down with my coffee, panini, and bacon, thoroughly enjoying my breakfast.

Breakfast LATAM lounge GRU

LATAM doesn't offer the best breakfast experience out there in this lounge, but I do think it does the trick with plenty of options to have a quick bite. For a business class lounge, this is a solid 8/10 offering.

Alcoholic drinks were offered in the lounge. However, much like when I came here in 2020, these are self-service.

Alcoholic bar

My first thought was to have a glass of Chandon, an okay offering. However, the Aperol Spritz caught my eye, and I decided to handcraft an Aperol spritz, including the dosa water that was in the fridge below.

For those interested in the different wines on offer, these were the options tucked away under the bar.

Plenty of bubbles

There are a few aspects about the lounge before leaving. There were a couple of different showers available to use, as well as good free wifi.

Leaving The Lounge

Soon enough, it was time to head out of the lounge to the early boarding scheduled at 5:55 am. The staff were friendly and bid me a safe flight.

Exit LATAM Lounge

Upon exiting, I hung a right and made my way to the gate to board the LATAM bird.

GRU airport

Stay tuned for the flight experience!

Final Thoughts

The LATAM lounge in Sao Paulo is pretty decent. For the customer base, it serves (including premium economy), I think that it is more than adequate for a decent length of stay. The food was good, the coffee was great, there was plenty of seating available, and I was able to make my own cocktails. Be prepared, especially in the evenings, for this lounge to become quite crowded with all the European departures. At the end of the day, it feels a lot smaller than the LATAM lounge in SCL, more on that soon!



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