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  • Konrad Tillman

24 Hours In Manila. What I Got Up To.

To be quite frank with you Manila isn't my favorite city in the world. In fact, I find it very similar to Jakarta with traffic and a few other areas. I came here about 6 years ago for the first time and didn't have that much fun. However, this time it was very different, I thoroughly enjoyed my time here for 1 day. Keep in mind I had just landed at 6 am and was out of the hotel the whole day.

Ride Revolution:

I love spin class, hands down one of my favorite aspects of life. It's like a party while you are burning calories and you feel so good for the day ahead once you have finished. I googled if there was one in Manila and found Ride Revolution. This was a fantastic spin class and I highly recommend it to anyone going!

Pizza Express

I'm obsessed with Pizza Express even though it's not the best pizza in the world. When I was younger I would eat pizza express at a minimum of once a week, at a bare minimum. Living in America now I don't have it, so the second it opened for the day I was there. OOO so yummy, just like home!!

Walking around Greenbelt:

Before waiting for my spin class to start I had a walk around Greenbelt which took me by surprise since it was gorgeous! It had a Dior Christmas tree!

And a Moet bar... which was sadly closed or maybe this was actually for the better.

I might have only ended up seeing the gardens since I got lost... hahaha but it was worth getting lost!

Greenbelt is a very impressive place with luxury shops where I could spend a whole day here. I highly recommend going if you have time!

Traffic is a nightmare:

There is no way around traffic sucks most of the time. I was going to head to Makati for dinner but on google maps it said over an hour. This is just a note to be prepared when visiting Manila.

Final Thoughts:

I wish I had more time in Manila to experience the more cultural aspects of the town but I did have a great time in the 1 day I spent here. If you are heading on a SE Asia tour I would recommend 2 days here, especially before flying to Palawan or Coron. I didn't do the nightclubs this time, I'm retired now.



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