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Why I Love Nicaragua So Far


It's been a long couple of days the past few days but incredible at that. After flying on the refurbished Boeing 787-8 from Los Angeles to Miami, plus incredible customer service, American Airlines has regained its title of my favorite airline in the US. Looking forward to sharing what went on with them and the new reviews!

Nicaragua is a stunning country, and very safe where I am. Let's get into my first impressions of this country!

The Food Is Good And Cheap!

Cheap is a relative term depending on one's situation. However, in this case, I have eaten 3 meals and drank an unbelievable amount of beer (truly unbelievable) and haven't spent more than 20 dollars.

Tona is incredible!

Beer is about a dollar for a bottle or 2$ for a liter bottle. What???? I digress.

The Architecture & Weather

To my knowledge, both Guatemala and Nicaragua were once Spanish colonies. The town of Granada reminds me a lot of my trip to Guatemala, more specifically Antigua. The vibes are very similar and the architecture is a spitting image.

Beautiful town

However, it is warm. I mean bloody hot. It is 96 degrees and feels like 100. Holy wow. To add onto that there is a UV index of 12! If you are planning a trip to Granada, keep this in mind!

Everything Is Cute & The People Friendly

Another aspect of Cental America I have noticed is how cute cafes and restaurants seem to be. The roads are stunning as well. By the end of this month I will have visited every country in Central America and all of them have one thing in common, there are some cute spots!

This cafe is incredible!

Reading online, I have heard that Nicaragua can be a dangerous place. These days I swear people will say anywhere is dangerous😅. However, I have found most people to be quite helpful and friendly. Kids say hello on the street, I think to practice their English.

Of course, there are certain indivudals that take advantage of me being a tourist, but that is normal. After all this traveling I can spot it from a mile away😂!

Final Thoughts

I am quite busy over here exploring and having a needed break from college. However, I wanted to write a quick little post describing what Nicaragua has been like for me so far. I love it and I cannot wait to share all of the details over the course of the next few weeks! Lots of interesting reviews to come, recommendations, and more!



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