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  • Konrad Tillman

So Exciting! Flying On A Saab 340B With TAG

Hello From Guatemala!!! I'm going to be doing something especially exciting tomorrow!

For as long as I can remember I have had a love for flying. I remember when I was just a young boy, I must have had at least 30 model planes. A plane that I have always wanted to fly was the Saab 340. While I believe Silver Airways flies them I never got around to trying it out. However, when I was looking for flights from Guatemala City to El Salvador, I came across TAG Airlines which flies once daily on this route. Well, I'm booked! How cool is this plane?

Currently only 5 people are booked onto this plane!

While I will touch on what TAG Airlines is all about in the review, I just wanted to mention how excited I am!

I wanted to add on how simple the booking process was for this flight. TAG Airlines has a very straightforward website that features English as well! I simply went onto the website, selected one way, put in my date, and chose the fare I wanted. Since I am traveling with only a very small backpack this weekend I chose the lite fare. The total came out to 95$!

How cool is this?

So what does the lite fair include? It includes a small personal belonging and a free seat assignment. Rows 2 and 3 were occupied while the rest of the plane was completely empty. Let's see if it goes out that way! Considering Avianca charges 64$ for the bare minimum on this route (I mean the bare minimum, no check-in allowed at the airport for free 😂), I see this as terrific value. Plus, when am I ever going to get to fly on an airline that only has a fleet of 10 aircraft in Guatemala again? I have selected 8A since I want views out over the wing, but also don't want to be too close to the wing. Might change it.


Excited is an understatement for tomorrow! Surprisingly they say I need to be there 3 hours before departure to check-in..... and with traffic here I might have to leave Antigua at midday 😂.

I have yet to see a review on this product, stay tuned for a full review soon! Hopefully, all runs smoothly (touch wood).



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