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  • Konrad Tillman

Singapore Airlines Updates Champagne Selection For Holidays

If you happen to be flying Singapore First Class throughout the holidays like me, you are in for a treat.

Traditionally Singapore Airlines serves 3 champagnes in First Class which can be rotated. The first is Comtes (which seems to be the norm) as well as Krug and Charles Heidsieck Blanc des Millenaires. However, through the holiday season, Singapore will offer a vintage Krug from 2004 which is a fantastic champagne while over Dec 24-26, SQ will offer Rose Krug. Below is a picture of the 2004 Krug being offered and the Rose Krug

2004 Krug

Krug Rose

While I am a fan of all the family members apart of Krug I am excited to see Krug Rose being served on Christmas Day, such a wonderful champagne It makes it to be an even more festive flight.

So what are the prices like?

A standard bottle of Krug retails for around 200$ depending on the supplier

The Rose Krug retails at around 300$ a bottle

The 2004 Krug retails at around 450$ a bottle if you can find it.

I understand airlines get all champagne for a lot cheaper but you also have to keep in mind the taxes implemented by the Singapore government. A pretty penny they are paying (not that I'm complaining).

My thoughts are that they have some leftover bottles of the vintage from the times they used to serve that champagne and thought it would be a good time to use them (can someone take me to their cellar).


December 14th-December 31st Singapore Airlines will serve a 2004 edition of Krug. However, December 24-26 won't be offered and instead, the Rose Krug will be.



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