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  • Konrad Tillman

Photoshoot In Havana: Incredible Value For Money!


While in Cuba, I got up to plenty of culturally rich activities. However, the activity that was the best value for money was the photoshoot that I did. Hiring a photographer with a private driver and a car would come out to hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars in the US. Here in Cuba, I paid 58$ for some incredible shots and conversations.

Incredible photos

What To Expect On The Shoot

For 2.5 hours, you will have a personal photographer, an old car for an hour, and a driver for an hour. I headed around multiple locations around Havana, listening to music in the car and enjoying life. The first stop was a street location, although there are many picturesque locations so these can vary from tour to tour.

This black and white photo was incredible.

So much fun

The car will pull around shortly after meeting the photographer and the hotel Inglaterra.

We headed out around Havana, one of the most incredible times I have had was in the back of this car.

We saw the fortress from when this was previously a stronghold of the seas. Cuba is fascinating, especially since my childhood dream was to be a pirate!

We headed to a place where Al Capone used to gamble, back when all the Mafia bosses used to come to Cuba.

Can't believe the history I am standing on

Lastly, we headed out over to the main memorial in Old Havana, it's the white house but one square meter bigger😂.

Ig @ktfxrce

The tour concluded a half hour early since I already had over 300 photos from the shoot. The lovely photographer (she was superb the whole time, more like a guide, photographer, and friend at the same time) sent over the pictures that evening, and the edited pictures the night after.

Final Thoughts

Old car tours cost around 50-80$ for a 2-3 hour tour. With this photoshoot, you can get a photographer, a tour of Havana in an old car, and good vibes. I cannot recommend this tour enough, especially if you want some photos or memories for your Instagram.

I booked this tour through Civitatis (I don't get any commission), but you can book this directly through this link:



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