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Japan Airlines A350-1000 Delivery Date Pushed Back Further

Japan Airlines has been noted for trying to replace their long haul fleet with brand new A350-1000 aircraft. The first of them was expected to start flying in November 2023. Being the end of November we can see this is not the case.

Let's get into what's going on.

Originally the airline posted a statement mentioning the delay of a month, or well until the end of 2023. However, they have recently gone back on that statement and said it could be a little bit longer. The reason doesn't seem to be with plain manufacturing but with the cabin finishes since in Toulouse there are two A350-1000S fully produced for JAL. As we've seen lately this is an ongoing issue with airlines especially with the introduction of new First Class. I mean seriously Lufthansa what has taken you 5+ years to roll out Allegris?

The Cabin

The JAL A350-1000 is in a 4 cabin layout consisting of economy, premium economy, business class, and First Class. It is primarily quite a dense premium configuration because of the routes they are going to fly.

JAL New First Class

Potential Routes

With the first route being from Haneda to JFK, this means 2 aircraft will have to operate the route, you do the math, and it should math up. However, this leaves the A350-1000 on the ground for 18 hours which isn't the best use of an aircraft. One has to wonder if that is the case or not. My thoughts are the aircraft will fly onto Bangkok since, at maximum JAL is selling 6 First Class seats on that flight. Intriguing much. I would expect London and Paris to follow soon after. I don't believe the West Coast will get it as early as people think due to more density on the 77W.


The JAL A350-1000 is launching very soon! Wile delayed it will certainly be a great product when it does launch. I do appreciate JAL keeping us in the loop regarding delays and not pushing back like Lufthansa.


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