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Intro: South America Trip!


The next portion of my around-the-world adventure is due to depart today! As my college is on spring break, I get 10 days off (including weekends). Last year I went to Bora Bora as you can read about from yesterday's post, but this year will be even more exciting! 8 flights, 7 countries (5 new ones), and 1 wonder of the world all in 10 days!

First Segment: Costa Rica

As this post is published, I should be on an Alaska Airlines 737 down to Liberia. I haven't flown Alaska Airlines in economy, so I look forward to seeing their product. Following by flight on Alaska Airlines, I have to get to San Jose. I will be flying onboard a Sansa Airlines Cessna Caravan for this segment. The last time I flew a Cessna was over 10 years ago when I sat in the co-pilot seat landing into a field of zebras in Africa so this is extra exciting!

What a pretty plane

Once I get to San Jose, I booked an Airbnb near the airport as the hotels were upwards of 180$ per night.

Second Segment: Colombia

After a night in Costa Rica, the plan is to fly onboard a Volaris A321 from San Jose to Bogota. Colombia is a place that I have always dreamed of visiting and heard a lot about. I will stay in Unique Mine Lofts for 2 nights and hope to explore some of the sights Bogota offers. The plan in Bogota is to get a couple of tattoos, a haircut and explore some museums in the 2 nights.


Third Segment: Peru & Machu Picchu

My sister beat me to it, but I still have to go! Following my stay in Bogota of 2 nights, I will take the Avianca direct flight from Bogota to Cusco. I have chosen the standard seat for this leg as the next leg will be in the "premium" seat. Once I arrive in Cusco, I am staying at a lovely boutique hotel right in the historic center.


With three nights in Peru, it means one day will be dedicated to seeing one of the 7 wonders of the world. The other full day will be a rest day since this is a chaotic trip and need some rest to keep going.

Fourth Segment: Bolivia

Uyuni salt flats have long been on my list (the one in Utah is nothing compared). I will fly down from Cusco to La Paz on the Avianca A320 in premium class. Once I arrive I have a couple of hours to kill until my overnight bus to Uyuni. Once I arrive I have a full-day tour of the salt flats, followed by an overnight bus back the same day😂. A night in La Paz will be needed before an early morning flight to...

Salt Flats

Fifth Segment: Chile

The quickest way to get from La Paz to Chile is by the "direct" flight on Latam. This will give me the opportunity to review the Latam economy product, a new airline for me! This flight does have a 50-minute stop in Viru Viru, I guess I can technically say I have been there then. If all goes well I will land in Santiago by 2:30 pm with 6 hours to kill in the town. The plan is to have a ginormous steak and buy a checked bag to fill with Chilean wine. Following a lot of steak, I will return to the airport to board my flight to...

Might have to go here

Sixth & Last Segment: Mexico City

From Santiago, I will fly from Chile up to Mexico City on board the 787-9 (barring any aircraft swaps) in business class. I have yet to try out the 787-9 in business class so this is an exciting new product for me. In Mexico City, I will have 2 and a half hours to kill in the lounge as long as I am on time. Following my layover, I will board the 787-8 up to Los Angeles. I have flown this product before (, but will be trying a different seat this time!


Final Thoughts

I am writing this the day before, as I'm unsure how much time I will have to keep everyone updated. Excitement fills my mind as I will be up to 81 countries (if all goes well) by the time I get back to Los Angeles. Three dream destinations of mine will be ticked off with Colombia, Bolivia, and Peru! So many reviews, activity reflections, and more to come. Stay tuned!



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