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  • Konrad Tillman

Delta Has A New Plane. It Might Be The Best Narrowbody In The Fleet! Delta CRJ-550


A new aircraft subtype is coming to the Delta fleet shortly, and customers have every right to be excited. Full details at this moment seem limited, but from what we can gather, the CRJ-550 will be operating for Delta shortly!

Let's get into it!


According to multiple sources across the web and in-person contacts, Delta will be bringing the CRJ-550 to the fleet in the near future. These aircraft are set to come in from Skywest and operate on Delta's behalf. All because Skywest's contract with American Airlines expired on these 19 CRJs.

Delta retro CRJ 700

In the aviation world, the CRJ-550 is technically a CRJ-700, just reconfigured.

Why Customers Should Be Excited

Ordinarily, the CRJ-700 seats 76 passengers. However, Delta has decided to transform these aircraft into a 50-seat configuration featuring the following:

10 first-class seats

20 extra legroom economy seats

20 standard economy seats

Delta new CRJ 550 Seat Map

This means that passengers can expect more seats with extra legroom and closets to store bags! No need to worry about overhead bag space, as there are closets for your belongings!!!

Why Would Delta Do This?

Delta has decided to follow suit with United Airlines by circumventing the scope clause that mainline pilots have. It is standard practice that airlines regulate the number of domestic aircraft, but this only applies to aircraft over 50 seats!

Personally, I am excited to see Delta follow suit and do this since I don't view Delta as even a top 5 carrier. Could one imagine a domestic aircraft with only a Business layout from La Guardia to Washington Raegan or such? It would make for a comfortable ride! I guess I shall keep dreaming!

Final Thoughts

Delta has let it be known that it plans on acquiring 19 CRJ 700s from Skywest and configuring them into CRJ 550s featuring 50 seats! This is going to be fantastic for both customers and the airline. Most of the time, we never seem to get a win-win on both fronts, but we do here!



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