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Breaking! Etihad Bringing Back A380 to New York JFK!!!!

For an airline that has been trying to downsize and re-construct its business model since the pandemic this decision seems to be a major turn of events. Etihad is finally bringing back the A380 to John F Kennedy!

Currently, Etihad operates twice daily flights between Abu Dhabi and JFK, once with the brand spanking new A350 and the other with a Boeing 787-9 (note this doesn't feature first class). For the first time in years, we going to see Etihad's first-class product returning to JFK.

So what does the Etihad A380 feature exactly?

On the lower deck, there are 415 economy seats in a 3-4-3 layout.

On the upper deck lies the magic of 70 business class seats with a mini cabin of one row at the back. As well as that at the front comes one of the best First Class products in the sky. A full 9-suite cabin+ The Residence.

Here's what the residence looks like.

The residence is now a buy-upon checkout or at-airport upgrade from First Class. It used to have its own separate fare but not anymore. In the past 6 months-a year we have seen the upgrade prices sit around 2500$ from London to Abu Dhabi. I would expect Etihad to increase the upgrade price to around 4500-5000$ for the New York route if they stick with the same system. Something tells me it might change due to the high premium demand between the two cities.

Business class features Etihad classic 1-2-1 configuration. While perfectly comfortable, this will represent a downgrade from the A350 that flies this route with private suites (closing doors).

Compared to the A350....

Just something to note if looking to book this route in business.


We'll see if they end up keeping the A350 on a once-daily or if they go to a once-daily solely A380 or if they go to a twice-daily A380. Time will tell, the finalized details have yet to be confirmed but come June expect to see the A380 at JFK


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