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  • Konrad Tillman

Amex Points 20% Bonus When Transferring To Singapore Krisflyer

The month of December seems to be a great time to transfer points over from your choice of Bank, with Amex also offering a 30% bonus to Virgin Atlantic Flying Club. However, this is a very good deal.

At this moment of time for every 1000 points you transfer from Amex to Singapore Kris Flyer, you will receive 1200 points. This offer is valid until December 31st, 2023.

Please note that traditionally transfers to Singapore Kris Flyer can take up to 3 business days but Amex is usually faster than Chase and at times, seen it as instant.

Would I Transfer?

The answer to this isn't so straightforward as everyone has different views on what's important to them. Unless I am flying Singapore First/Suites (find out in another article when that's happening), I personally don't see the value of using your miles with them, considering agents won't let me awards on hold and points can take up to 72 hours to come through.

Routes You Could Fly And Prices

While I will get into the best redemption spots in another post for now let's talk about the single best way to redeem Singapore Kris Flyer Miles. Mile for Point this is already the best way to fly Singapore First Class but now you can get 8 hours for 49,000 points, not including some time to kill in the private room.

While getting to try out both cabins

And this... For only 49,000 Amex Points

This could represent a good deal, if you can find award space and have something in mind. If you don't travel too much I don't recommend a speculative transfer as 20% isn't worth it.



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