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200 Tier Points To Bogota From Los Angeles?? Sub 700$ For AA321T Business Class+More

Good morning or good evening wherever you maybe in this world. I wanted to share a nice little fare I came across starting in LAX or SFO and ending up in Bogota. The fantastic aspect of this deal is the ability to aqcquire 200 tier points or 1/3 of the way to Silver Status on British Airways!

Let's get into it!

Los Angeles- New York- Miami- Bogota

Fares often range upwards of 899$ to fly direct from Los Angeles to New York onboard American Airlines in Business Class. With this fare, you are able to fly this segment as well as two segments on the 737 max 8 in business class all for 667$ in Business Class.

If you are able to find an overnight routing (some are available), you would be entitled to lounge access in New York (if you ask nicely, they might let you into the Chelsea Lounge, although probably not).

Limitations To This Fare

The irritating part is I am unable to get this to work to Lima which would cover another segment of 2000+ miles meaning 140 tier points for the flight. The deal seems to only work through to Bogota.

Dates are also available for SFO as well for orginating.

I found one day that works in Quito, but the segment still remains at under 2000 miles meaning 40 Tier Points would be credited, and not the 140 like on the AA321.

The Products

I recently checked out the American Airlines Business Class on the A321T and was impressed with the offering! It might be a little outdated, but it's a blast from the past!

gorgeous product

I have flown on the 737-800 in Business Class countless times, and it is perfectly adequate as well, even if it not lie flat.

Final Thoughts

American Airlines is offering fantastic value down to Bogota out of LAX and SFO on their flagship A321T product. Act quickly if you are planning to maximize tier point earnings!

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