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  • Konrad Tillman

Update From My South America Trip!


Hello from Bolivia!!! I am currently in Bolivia exploring this beautiful country; goodness, this trip has been so special!

I wanted to share a couple of experiences I have had in the past week as they have been so special.

Costa Rica

I had my doubts about going to Costa Rica, I heard it was expensive and extremely touristy. While it was expensive, the flight I took onboard SANSA Airlines was incredible. The plane was a Cessna Caravan, and we saw the runway when landing! Wow!

SANSA Cessna Caravan

An amazing dinner was had in the town by the airport with a live band playing. Yes, I would rather go to other places to sit on the beach, experiencing the Costa Rican culture was beautiful! Stay tuned for reviews of this airline and Alaska since I had a whole row to myself on the way down!


A 6 am departure was brutal after the day before. However, Volaris offered a great product on my flight down to Bogota, can't wait to share this review as well! I only spent 48 hours in Bogota and found it to be alright. The food was good and the people were nice that I encountered.


The place I stayed did the job, and nothing more, nothing less. The street art was incredible as well!

Street Art Colombia

The question many people have asked me is, did I feel safe? The answer is, mostly but not entirely. A couple of times the Police came over to me and told me to put my phone away. Other than that there were no issues. Watching Man United beat Liverpool in extra time was awesome, considering I was the only person supporting Man United in the bar (Luis Diaz is Colombian).

Peru & Machu Picchu

This has been the highlight of the trip so far. Before we begin talking about Peru, let's talk about the amazing flight I had onboard Avianca. The gate agents weren't very friendly, but the flight was incredible. The new Premium Recaro seats were top drawer and I got some good rest.

Avianca A320neo

Yeah, of course, we get to the wonder of Peru. This was magical, but not as magical as visiting Angkor Wat. It felt more touristic and more of a business than a world wonder. However, I met some fantastic people and had a great day!


Side note: Cusco is one of my favorite towns I've visited!

Final Thoughts

As I return to America tomorrow, I wanted to share a quick update on the trip. It has been so special with many new memories being made. There are so many products to review, and I cannot wait to do so!



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