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  • Konrad Tillman

Same Day Change On American Airlines? Here's How Easy It is


On the way back from a trip to Cuba, I got a call from one of my friends in New York telling me to come into the City for the night. In some of my previous experiences, such as with Delta, they made changing a flight quite challenging and asked for the fare difference. However, at American Airlines it is a lot easier and the staff is so much friendlier!

So, How Does It Work?

Yes, there is an app that allows you to change flights on the same day. What I want to talk about is something a little different. When I was in New York I headed down to the gate where they changed flights and enquired about space for the next day. On the app, it won't let me do this but the agent responded with, "Of course, let me take a look for you".

Heading to change my plane

A few moments later she returned to me saying, "I don't have anything in the morning but I can put you on an afternoon flight if that works."?

I asked, "is there any charge"?

She responded with, "No Sir".

While I didn't end up changing the flight due to my friend being invited to a private party, I loved the exemplary service from American Airlines in this situation.

Another Example

About a year ago I was flying from John Wayne to New York in Flagship First (mileage ticket) onboard the A321T. While onboard I started to feel a little unwell through anxiety, I exited the plane and headed back to the check-in area for the flight. The staff said it was no worries at all and they gave me a boarding pass for the next day! I have flown plenty of airlines, but this is some of the best ground service I have seen. Top marks AA.

How Could This Help You

Now, this isn't a post directed at taking advantage of the system. This is a post to let you all know that American Airlines is the most flexible of the 3 US carriers if you go to the agent and ask kindly. If you have a valid reason and get the right agent, I would be surprised if they didn't change your flight.

Don't always believe that a flight is sold out just because it isn't available on same-day flight change. Those flights the next day didn't have same-day change space available but the agent was able to get me on one if I wanted.

Final Thoughts

Next time you have a flight and have a though about changing it, check with an agent to wether you can change it to the next day or later even if there are no options on the app. American Airlines has been very helpful with me and hope they are with you as well!



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