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  • Konrad Tillman

Review: Singapore Business Class Lounge Manila

After visiting the shocking Marhaba lounge which you can read about here (, I decided to try my luck in getting into the Singapore lounge. I figured since I held a Star Alliance business class ticket I would be allowed in. Originally upon check-in, the agents told me I could only go to the Marhaba lounge (not Thai staff rather contract staff). When I first passed the lounge it was closed interestingly but an hour later it was wide open.

Lounge Location

The SQ lounge in Manila is located right next to the Marhaba lounge on level 4. Up the lifts and turn right, you cannot miss it.

The CX lounge is also right next door

Entry Requirements

Since Singapore Airlines is part of the Star Alliance, anybody holding a business class ticket or higher has the ability to access the lounge. Similarly, if you hold status on Star Alliance you are also able to access the lounge.

The Lounge

UHHH civilization!! Once again please disregard the entitlement but in honesty, if you are paying for a business class ticket the Marhaba lounge doesn't cut it.

The lounge is one big space with plenty of seating to be found. It's pretty large with a capacity of roughly 100 people I would say. Considering SQ has about 40 odd seats per plane I couldn't imagine this lounge getting near capacity, at least during my time it wasn't too busy.

I grabbed a water and took a seat

But not long after I decided to explore the options they had!

Originally when you walk in on the right-hand side there are more private (ish) cubicles, perfect if you are working. Pictured is what it looks like from the back of the lounge looking towards the front. At the back of the picture (front of the lounge), there are also some more comfy-looking chairs but I didn't sit there as I like to see out onto the tarmac.

Even the carpet is pretty

Moving on...

There are a few family tables with 4 chairs and being the obnoxious person that I am I took one of the few. Only since I need a chair per carry-on which totals 3 😂. It feels very much like you are in Singapore with the designs.

The rest of the lounge was very similar to the pictures above... just more of it I guess. Apart from this workstation which was nearby to the buffet. Sort of reminds me of a workstation at Starbucks in New York City, now can Singapore Airlines bring in a Starbucks to the lounge?


The Food

The food offering was (buzz) lightyears better than the offering at the Marhaba lounge. It was night and day. The buffet is in the center of the lounge (impossible to miss) and consists of various options from rice to meat to fresh fruit etc...

Even a toaster??? Am I in the Versace Palace?

However, I saw a sign saying they offered ice cream upon request. Being that I'm on a very strict diet I decided to go with the ice cream😅, diet is a subjective word 😜. No, the real reason I ate ice cream is because I still was feeling horrific and on occasion, ice cream (in moderation) can actually help me feel better.

Losing some weight!

The Bathrooms

The toilets are located in the very back of the lounge and consist of a women's toilet and a men's toilet. While I didn't take any pictures of the toilets it was very basic, albeit they were a lot cleaner than the ones at Marhaba. I did not see any showers available so if you are thinking about taking a shower at the lounge, think again!


The Singapore Airlines Business Class lounge in Manila is a decent place to spend some time before boarding. I was pleasantly surprised, especially after sitting in the Marhaba lounge. The food is edible, drinks are offered (including alcohol, nothing fancy), clean decorations, and well-maintained seats. Just remember if you are flying Thai Airways, you have access!!

Not before long I was on my way to board a 787-8!

More on this soon!



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