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  • Konrad Tillman

Quick Review: Air Canada Business Class 777-200 Vancouver-Ottawa


Last year, I had to visit family up in Canada for a couple of days. This meant I had to find a few flights to get up to Edmonton (nothing direct). With cash fares looking at 2000$ roundtrip in Business Class, I decided to head to United Mileage Plus to look for some business class fares on points. On the way up to Canada, I tried out the A321, which is superb, and the A220 (decent). However, on the way back I took a roundabout routing to try out the 777-200 in Business Class!

Route- Vancouver-Ottawa

Seat- 1A

Flight Number- AC342

Date- May 23rd 2023

Flight Time: 3 Hours 52 Minutes

Price Paid- 34.5K United Miles+54.10$

How I Booked

I booked the following itinerary which consisted of three flights. There were 1 stop flights for the same price but that would mean not being able to experience the signature Air Canada Business Class on the 777-200LR. It also meant being able to fly this 777, as this would be my second time of flying the LR version of the 200. The first flight consisted of the 737 Max 8 (a very nice experience), the second would be this flight, and the last would be a domestic hop in United J.

Perfect routing

My Chase Rewards has plenty of points available for transfer. I transferred them from the portal over to United where they arrived instantly. The total cost for all the flights came to 34,500 miles and 54$. If I had booked this exact routing on cash, it would have been 1400+ for that day.

An okay value of points

The Flight

Once I landed in Vancouver, I made my way directly to the gate as Air Canada doesn't serve alcohol in lounges before 11 am (or 10 unsure). For this flight I was in business class, meaning I boarded with group 1 right on time. Upon boarding, the cabin crew were very friendly and pointed my seat out (not that I needed help). Waiting upon my seat was a blanket, a pillow, and a duvet for a flight time of under 4 hours, I was impressed.

We departed a few minutes behind schedule towards the west.

Bye Vancouver

A beautiful printed menu and a bottle of water were waiting at my seat when I boarded. I would equate this route to Los Angeles-Chicago or Atlanta. The last time I flew AA, there were no printed menus at all or water at my seat. These two items are a great addition.

Climbing out at a rate of knots

Right after takeoff, I put on Babylon because my therapist recommended it😅, a fantastic movie, I highly recommend it. I found the IFE to be up there with the best in North America.

I managed to get through most of the long movie, but I was extremely tired after flying the past few days. Sleep was of the utmost importance so I skipped the meal service. However, for the sake of reviewing Air Canada, I will share my meal on the way up to Canada. Air Canada serves Bottega sparkling wine. I am a big fan of Bottega even if it is a bit sweet.

Mimosa time

The food was also incredible on that flight, the pasta was so yummy. However, I will say that the options remained similar across all of my flights.

During covid times hence the wrapping

Much like American Airlines Business class or club suites on BA, the seat controls were located on the touchpad to the left of yourself. The same applies to the storage compartments, similar to BA and AA. However, the cabin finishes are a lot sleeker.

Even if I didn't partake in any meal offerings, the cabin crew offered me some snacks. I opted for a KitKat, which never fails to disappoint. They brought out the Kitkat with a napkin, another small, fantastic touch.

Almost there

I mentioned that I got some sleep across the continent. The sleep I had was fantastic, the bed was comfortable, the bedding was fantastic and seat 1A provided ample space.

Just take a look at this beautiful bedding

Soon enough we were on the final descent into Ottawa, slightly behind schedule. The view over Canada is beautiful, I love this country.

First time in Ottawa

We touched down at the small airport of Ottawa, slightly behind schedule.

Because we were late, this meant I had to make a mad dash to make it to my next flight back to the US.

Such an amazing airport

De-planing was efficient and the cabin crew were at the door saying thank you for flying and have a great day! Speaking of service, Canadians are so friendly and it was no different on this flight.

Final Thoughts

This flight was fantastic, actually, scratch that. I would go as far as to say that Air Canada is the best way to cross the North American continent if it is on a widebody. The seats are plush and comfortable, the meal service and drinks service were lovely, the cabin crew are warm and friendly, and the amenities/IFE are top-notch. I've flown every transcon business/first class in the US and this is the best.


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