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Philippine Airlines 777 With All Aisle Access In Business Class Enters Service April 16th


Woah, why have I not heard anything about this? Philippines Airlines (PR) is due to launch the first flight on their retrofitted 777s from Manila to Vancouver in less than 2 weeks. PR has traditionally had a dated and uncompetitive 777 product in a 2-3-2 configuration, which looked like this...

Not very competitive

However, the current seat map displays a 1-2-1 configuration when it comes to this flight to YVR. Interestingly, this new configuration seems to be operating every other day. This also represents a serious decrease in capacity to 26 seats in Business Class from the old configuration featuring 42.

Seatmap of the new 777 configuration

So What Is The Product

PR hasn't announced anything to my knowledge regarding what the product will be on the route. However, after extensive research and a couple of emails corresponding with OMAAT, Ben was able to let me know that a leased Garuda plane would be flying during this operation. Thank you to Ben, I appreciate you💓.

Here is a look at the A350 product. While not revolutionary, it's a very solid product. Certainly has similarities to the Garuda product on the 777, but the Garuda product is a tad nicer (review is coming soon).

Well... What Does This Mean

PR has supposedly planned to invest 450 million dollars into the airline which covers refurbishments to planes. While technically this isn't a full revamp, it is nice to see a 777 feature all-aisle access on a Transpac route, even if it is a Garuda plane. I wonder how much time PR had to turn around this plane. Will it feature the Garuda interior colors? Only time will tell!

Current Routes

The only route I have been able to find is this. However, if you have found any others, feel free to comment below!

PR116- Manila- Vancouver

PR117- Vancouver- Manila

Keep in mind, for the time being, these operate every other day and are subject to schedule changes!

Final Thoughts

Philippine Airlines has decided to eliminate that 2-3-2 business class and replace it with the brand new 1-2-1 configuration on its route to Vancouver from Manila. Although this is just a leased aircraft, it's supposedly a long-term lease! Perhaps we can see more soon Philippine Airlines?


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