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  • Konrad Tillman

My Top 5 Airline Pajamas


This morning, I woke up in my Lufthansa First Class pajamas and thought to myself, "These are very comfortable." Perhaps I should make a list of my favorite airline pajamas in the world. Without further ado, here are my top 5 airline pajamas!

When Do Airlines Give Out Pyjamas?

Airlines traditionally give out pajamas to passengers flying in First Class, and sometimes business class. For example, in Qatar Airways, passengers receive complimentary pajamas on long-haul flights in Business and First Class. However, on British Airways, only First Class would receive pyjamas. It also depends on the route length, as United Airlines only gives out pajamas on flights over 14 hours.

Before we get into my top 5 pajamas, everyone is different. This is just my list.

Number 1: British Airways First Class Pajamas

Some might find this controversial, while others may agree. In my opinion, BA has the sleekest yet simplest design of their First Class pajamas. The feel is smooth and soft, and over the multiple pairs I have, they never feel scratchy.

BA First Class Pajamas

Overall, this is a well-rounded product. I have worn these off of the plane before, to the grocery store once and haven't felt out of place. Combine that with the extremely soft feel, this makes my top list.

Number 2: Lufthansa First Class

This almost came in at number 1 but didn't for one small reason. The pajamas are a tad scratchy on the bottoms🤨. Other than that, the design is flawless, with the little scarf that goes around the neck and a lowkey colorway. I was able to snag a pair last year onboard LH F from Washington to Munich and they are still in great shape today.

Lufthansa First Class Pajamas

Number 3: Singapore First Class Pajamas

Singapore Airlines First Class and the Suites, is one of the top First Class products in the world. Part of a great First Class experience comes from the pajamas, and Singapore Airlines doesn't let down on this front. The Singapore Airlines Pajamas are the softest in the sky, but there is one drawback. They are quite skinny!😅 I like to think of myself as someone with average weight, but boy, oh boy, are they skinny. If they were a little bit baggier, these would be the best.

Singapore Airlines First Class Pajamas

Number 4: Emirates First Class

What company has the largest First Class footprint in the world (no, not US domestic First😅)? This would be Emirates. Emirates has a great first-class product across the board, and another aspect where they shine is with their pajamas. The EK pajamas are "moisturizing" and extremely comfortable. However, I am very much not a fan of the design.

Emirates First Class Pajamas

Number 5: United Polaris

Shoot me in the foot for saying this, but I think United Polaris pajamas fill the 5 spot: better than Eithad F, better than QR, better than Swiss, etc. A couple of years ago they were horrendous, but on my most recent Polaris flight to Manila, I found the comfiest shirt I have ever found on an airplane😳. The pants aren't the best, but my oh my is that shirt comfortable😅.

United Polaris Pajamas

Final Thoughts

Having comfortable pajamas can help better an even better experience when flying. The 5 listed above are my personal favorites, but at the end of the day, we all will choose differently based on our preferences. British Airways might have a little bit of memorabilia due to me being from the UK😉.



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